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Factors to Consider Before Trusting an SEO Reseller

Factors to Consider Before Trusting an SEO Reseller

In general speaking, SEO reseller is an individual or company that offers a wide variety of SEO services with some flexible and affordable packages. SEO reselling implies playing the role of a middleman for the services of an SEO company along by retaining your brand name for all services.Reseller Services

If you also want to opt this service, here are some steps to follow in your initial research steps.

1) Look for any company or individual to whom you can trust. Ideally, someone that has been doing it for a long time and has a ton of reviews online. Always keep in mind, they’ll be working for your clients’ website so anything wrong will be your butt. While things can go wrong, check or ask how do they handle mistakes if and when they’re made. Do they stand for it or leave you holding the bag?

2) Always select a reseller that gives you a decent timeline and actually delivers it within the promised time frame. Promptness is always important as you’re working with business owners and it’s important for you as the consultant to give a reputable impression of yourself.

3) And of course, results! At the end, every client demand for results for which he’s paying. He will never like to feed a bottomless pit of no return. They sell what they themselves use and know it works.

Seo ResellerThe reseller’s responsibilities do not end here, but they also need to make sure that everyone is satisfied and happy with the offered services. A good reseller program needs to allow the clients the ability to get affordable marketing options to boost their business.

SEO marketing

3 factors to explain why “content is king” in Internet marketing?

“Content is king” is an often cited quote in the world of Internet and SEO marketing. This quote is originally from an essay by Microsoft founder Bill Gates wrote in 1996. So this concept is not new, in the world of Internet marketing, but right now, it is more important than before.Content Is King

In saying that, one size fits all approaches is not right in terms of content. Instead, a precise and high-quality content that is entertaining, informative and interesting for consumers will get you the crown. Ranging from the blog, articles, video to infographics, whatever content medium, you choose, ensure it is share able and relative to your particular industry.

So, why is content king?

It’s great for SEO

High quality, unique and original content on a brand’s onsite blog page, create a very significant impact in terms of SEO. A unique published content with properly placed keywords always helps a website to increase their organic rankings for applicable search terms and keywords. Moreover, consistently publishing great content creates authority and creates an opportunity to build a brilliant backlink profile.

Encourages Engagement

A good content, whether it is in a form of a blog post or a social media update engages consumers to connect with the brand. If the content quality is genuinely good, a user will surely pause to consume the message of the brand and maybe if he finds it relevant, can like or share the content.

Increase traffic on your site

Not only good quality content is good for SEO, it is also helpful in driving more traffic to your website. A website fully-packed with engaging content, keep users on the website for a long time and leaves a good impression on the user to interact with the website and visit multiple pages.


Mainly the phrase “content is king” implies that high-quality, unique and informative content significantly contributes to the success of companies in terms of online marketing. Therefore, companies should primarily think of great content before any other search engine optimization strategy as the quality of your content will always decide the level of your success.

Google’s RHS Ads Removal

Google’s RHS Ads Removal and Fourth Top-of-Page Ad: What You Need to Know

A change that has drawn much attention of peoples in the SEO field is that Google has removed the text ads from the right-hand side (RHS) of the search results page and now it is listed as the fourth top of page ad listing above the organic search results.

Anytime when Google announces such a huge change, panic tends to follow. However, it can’t be ignored that ads appearing at the top of the page to receive a greater share of clicks. Here are some of the benefits of these new ad looks:Google

1) This new ad at the top of the page looks more like an organic result than an ad and that is a huge plus. Some customers are more biased towards organic search results.

2) This fourth top ad also gives you the ability to use as extensions which give you more space to detail more about your business.

3) Along with the benefits for PPC advertisers, this change is a bad news for the persons involved in SEO because now, paid position #4 is the old organic position #1.

In the end, we can say that Google removing right-hand side ads and adding them at the fourth top-of-page ad is having a very small impact, but it is certain that some advertisers are likely to see some noticeable effects to their individual keywords and queries.

Why hire an experienced application development company?

As per the new emerging technologies, the usage of mobile phone and tablets are at a great height for accessing Internet compared to desktop or laptop. One of the main reason that the use of mobile devices has grown bigger is just because they are an instant medium to access the Internet and mobile applications. These applications are of great characteristics and this is the reason, the companies has found no other way except to promote and sell their products and services through mobile apps.

However, developing an effective app is primarily importantly and beneficial for companies. For a professional mobile app development, it is necessary that you select a company that can save your time and money as well as have expert knowledge to meet all your demands successfully.Apps Development Company India

As a leading mobile application development company, Nettechnocrats has immense experience in creating high performance, featured-packed mobile applications for all the major platforms like Android, Windows and iOS. Using an agile development technology, they also assure to create the right app that will meet your business and can be assured that their final deliverable, no matter the technology it’s built on, will be secure, scalable and sustainable.

If you are also the one in search of app development company, work with their adept developers and get high-performance and custom mobile apps for your business.

How PPC Advertising Give Benefits for your Business

The benefits of PPC advertising for your business

With the advancement in technology, the Internet has become one of the important tools for business owners, and for those who want to enjoy the success, it is necessary to invest in an effective marketing strategy. One of the most effective advertising tools for your business is Pay Per Click Advertising Services.Adwords Campaign Management

Some of the benefits of PPC advertising are:

Instant results: Unlike SEO, you can enjoy instant results with PPC advertising as your ads will be visible on the top of the SERPs as soon as they become live on the Internet.

High-value keywords: PPC allows the business owners to target those keywords that are having difficulty in organic ranking and appears on the first page of the search engine.

Geographically targeted: While PPC management, it is also allowed to select the specific country or place where you want your Adwords campaign to be visible.

Custom scheduling: In different available packages of PPC, the custom scheduling is one of the important tools. It allows you to schedule your advertisement on specific time as you want.

Affordable pricing: The PPC advertising services also allow you to create your own tailored marketing strategy depending on your needs. You can set your budgets on a regular or monthly basis.

If you’re new in the business and your website has been just launched, get the PPC advertising services to drive the targeted customers and increase leads and sells for your business.

5 Major Reasons To Hire Web App Development Company


If your firm sees a need to develop a product or service on a digital platform, you have several options for this. If you believe that you have all the needed experience and skills, you could try to develop your app in-house. Alternatively, you can try to outsource the work offshore, in a hope that you can find some cheap, but reasonable quality work. The third and the safest option is to hire a professional and experienced web app development company like Nettechnocrats. Here are some of the reasons you would opt for this specialist development firm.App Development Company

1) Having years of experience, they know that they are producing more than just as an app. Using a collective sum of tried and tested user experience, they create an app that it should be and scales to meet the user’s needs.

2) Listening all your ideas and requirements, the team of developers and designers at this firm will concentrate their energies on your project and will turn out your ideas into a reality. You do not have to think about them.

3) Doing business with your company, they will know what is important and what is not while development of your web app. Moreover, if you have any additional features that you think would benefit your users, you can discuss with them.

4) This firm is also able to suggest the best platforms for you to choose as they know the pros and cons of each platform, as well as the costs involved with it.

5) The cost per hour of hiring web and app developers may be more than what you would pay to an outsourced worker. But, it does not mean that the total cost will be any higher. These experts will most likely take fewer charges as well as your time to create your app than others.

Google announced a new search algorithm “RankBrain”

The days of a human search algorithm have been over now. Recently, Google has announced a new artificial intelligence system “RankBrain” that is being applied to and used with Google’s current search algorithms to deal with the high amount of obscure queries that people search each day. Rooted in the machine, RankBrain comes in the form of mathematical elements called vectors that can only be understood by computers. Rather than being pre-programmed to respond to certain queries in a specific predetermined way, it can update itself over time. Just like a robot can constantly scour for better parts to upgrade itself rather than relying on human resources for occasional maintenance. When one present an unfamiliar word, this will create a guess at what the query was searched for and filter the results accordingly.

As published in the Bloomberg’s video, they stated that RankBrain is now the third most important signal to search query among the 10,00 signals and sub-signals. But the significance of this signal is that it displace all ranking signals except the top two and offers a glimpse of the future to come.

Navigation App Waze

Waze 4.0 For iOS: Navigation app Waze gets a massive update

Navigation app Waze has pushed a major update for iOS and is expected to arrive on Android in the near future. Waze 4.0 features a refreshed design, bringing a simplified interface with less clutter.

Allowing the app to run longer in backgrounds, the navigation app, focuses on increased speeds, battery life improvements and much more. Just a few taps on your screen…and you get where you need to go!

Since the Google took over the reins, this is the first major app update by Waze. Once the iOS users install Waze 4.0, they’ll be immediately able enjoy it’s cleaner design, ease of navigation and a brand new Waze experience. Anyone would be able to spot the alerts at a glance and reporting and sharing will be easier like never before.

New Google Panda 4.2 Update

New Google Panda 4.2 update has been rolled out this weekend

The Internet is fully abuzz with the latest update of Google and that is -the Panda 4.2. Some of the web masters have witnessed this Panda update on last Thursday. Slowly impacting the websites, this latest Google algorithm update can take months to roll out in a full condition. Last time in Sept 2014, the Google has a refresh in Panda that was the 29th update and this time it is 30th update as there were some changes in Oct 2014. Results won’t be seen overnight, but as always, the Panda algorithm updates target websites with low-quality or thin contents. Here, roll out means anyone, who was penalized with last Google updates has a chance to emerge with right changes. In such case, impact won’t be seen all of sudden in organic rankings but there would be some changes gradually. Moreover, with this update, the marketers and business owners are scrambling to understand how it will impact their existing websites and SEO efforts.

But, there is no need to worry as this 4.2 update is also a revised update with major causes to your web blog. Google Panda 4.2 updates have always been query and content based algorithm changes. However, Google said that this update has impacted about 2-3% of English language queries.

Facebook launches Its Lite Edition for India and Philippines

This month, after a successful launch of Facebook Lite in Asia, it has been officially launched by Facebook for android users in India and Philippines. On varying networks, more than 1 billion people around the world access Facebook from mobile devices. There are several worldwide locations where the network has unreliable connection and all the functionalities found in Facebook for android are not supported by it. Designed to give people a reliable Facebook experience in such conditions, Facebook lite app is now available for download on Google play store.

Earlier, this month, the app was launched in testing mode to countries such as Bangladesh, Vietnam, Nigeria, Nepal, South Africa, Sudan, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe.

So why the lite version is launched if Facebook already offers official android app? In comparison to the regular version, the Lite version loads at speedier pace, takes up less space and installs more quickly. Facebook says that the app is highly useful for the users on 2G connectivity. Also, it is compatible with Android devices that run Android 2.2 Froyo or higher. The official Facebook app takes around 30 MB storage space where as, in case of Lite edition it is only 435KB. For now, it will let the users do everything except download and watch videos as this can hog the bandwidth. Including the Facebook’s core experiences like newsfeed, photos, notification and more, the new edition lets you surf even in spotty and unreliable connection.

In a nutshell, the Lite editionFacebook Lite App is not meant for hardcore binge surfing. However, if you want to surf casually while chewing up less data over cellular connection, it is an awesome edition for you.

Google’s Algorithm Rewarding Mobile Friendly Sites

Google has been constantly changing it algorithms, providing the most useful searches for mobile-users, noticing that more than 40% of world’s population owns the mobile devices. On 21 April 2015, a massive change was experienced in search results, boosting the rankings of responsively designed websites and hitting the others (not designed keeping mobile-friendliness in mind). For the awareness or marketers and website owners, Google announced about this change on their Webmaster Central Blog, explaining that how it will affect the sites and their search results. Google’s mobile friendly updates were the result of significant change in their mobile search algorithm-helping them culling through what the user is seeking for.

Since then, several small businesses and large enterprises access their mobile strategies while keeping the sites fully-optimized. With an appropriate mobile optimization approach (like giving it a responsive design), you make things easier for user and Google. This helps Google to index more content for your website and the indexing properties will be easily assigned by Google algorithms. The load-time of website also all speeds-up which further results in better conversation.

Unlike the Google’s previous Penguin and Panda updates, Google’s mobile friendly algorithm change was focused in improving the web and enhancing better search possibilities for the customers on go. A part from this, the Google introduced the app indexing feature for websites which helped businesses keeping their customers coming back with search results linking their customers directly to relevant contents related to their apps. So, if your website is fully optimized for mobile than it has greater chances of better search engine visibility.

SEO & Web Marketing services

Getting found easily and becoming visible on search engines are the results of using effective search engine optimization techniques in marketing campaigns. A site can only be accessible to the targeted market, if the SEO strategies are perfect and know the changing criteria of the search engines, then surely the search results will be good for the related website.

Flourish your brand presence with our SEO Services! Increase your business visibility over the search engine! Convert visitors in to the loyal clients.

We are a leading SEO and web marketing service provider and offer everything to obtain a successful online presence. Our SEO services take away all your frustrations related to online existence of your business, so that you remain focused with other aspects of it. We at Nettechnocrats promise that your business gains high web traffic, augment your search engine ranking, and attracts new customers with aid of search engine optimization and social media optimization. Our highly skilled services exist to help you strengthen your business and grow in a vertical approach.If you are looking for a reputed SEO company from India which provides you constant support with your projects then, you can count on us. We use various techniques and tools to make your site available within the top rankings in search results and have a unique online presencee. Our SEO company India follows all the web practices according to the changing criteria of major search engines.We allow you to explore certain tools to prosper your business:

  • Find Broken Links Tool- Through this flexible tool, we scan web pages; check the dead links and validating internal and external URLs.
  • Social Image Customization Tool– one of the tools we have used for online success of businesses is the customization of images. For instance, creating or editing them as it enhances communication and engagement.
  • Use of Image and Link Analyzer Tool- this is a part of off-page optimization which we use in link building within the network and to keep the site in good rankings.
  • On-Page Optimization Tool- to maintain a quality site we concern about every aspect of it, from content to its design.

All our SEO practices are 100 % safe, ethical and effective. These help you establish a reputed, brand name which dominates the competition. For us, ranking is not the only goal. We go beyond the traditional marketing methods which boosts both the website ranking and the business sales. As, a full service SEO marketing firm, we offer a you a complete package of services to help you stay on the top of competition. Our web marketing services consist of link building, local search, PPC, services for SEO, content creation, publishing the content and video on social media, conversion videos and much more to prosper your business steadily.