5 most common services offered by the best SEO company

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Hiring SEO services to help your small business rank in Google can be overwhelming. They are describing some problems which you have never been heard of. So how do you ensure your SEO service provider is doing a great job for your small business?

First of all, you should consider engaging a firm who is providing these 5 common SEO services. You can use this guide to ensure they are on the right track. Not all SEO agencies are created equal and, being a small business, you can’t afford a costly mistake.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the most important part of the SEO project. The simple goal of this process is to find out who your targeted audience is and what it will take to rank for those keywords.

Page Creation

Once you’ve got keyword research, the job of SEO is to help you create new pages to rank those keywords. Of course, if you don’t have a relevant page on your website, you have no chance of ranking. Produce a page that people will find valuable and interesting to ensure you have a low bounce rate and better chance of ranking in Google.

Page Optimization

From the appearance of the web page to the back-end technical aspects to the optimized meta information, the perfectly optimized page incorporates all these aspects. The best SEO company ensures to include all the factors that offer right signals to Google. Implementing custom meta tags, title tags, heading and writing quality content are some important tasks.

Link Building

Getting the keywords on the page is not the only thing you need to do to earn rankings on Google. After all, there are around thousands of similar pages on the Internet that also contain those same terms. So, how Google figure out which one to rank in which positions? It figures out by counting the quality and quantity of links pointing to that page. SEO companies build these links with attention to quality and detail, and result in your domain receiving relevant links from other domains.

Technical Audit

The technical audit will be one of the most expensive SEO services you purchase because it requires more expertise from the service provider and can take a lot of time. Although, the best thing is that these auditing services are required only once every 1-2 years if done thoroughly.

Hiring an SEO company to have a look at your domain is a good idea. Being ranked higher on Google is the 1-way to market leadership in your area and can often be the difference between your business thriving and stalling out.

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