15 Simple Marketing Ideas that Small Business Should Learn From Big Brand

Don’t have many bucks to spend on your business and still need to market it in the best way possible? Well, no worries, you have come to the right place. Here we are going to tell you about the top 20 marketing tactics opt by the big brand, that you can make use of without blowing your small biz budgets. 15 simple marketing ideas to consider:

  • Be Different:

Being different from others is what making way for your business in this competitive world. You can take the cue from big advertisement companies/ brands and find something that makes you different from the other competitors. Now promote the difference.

  • Form strategic alliances with other businesses:

Try to research and look for B2B businesses that can help you reach your potential market and consider ways you can work together. Use targeting options to make sure you are hitting the right audiences and niches. Strategic alliances of your business can extend your reach to different areas and firm up your bottom line.

  • Publish Great Content:

Needless to mention the importance of what a kick-ass content holds when it comes to interest potential customers in your products and service and your company. Marketing via content means publishing information that focuses on winning customers by providing them with helpful or entertaining information about the business. This helps them decide on purchases and vendors. You can either create content by yourself or hire a digital marketing agency that will take care of all your digital needs and help you improve your online reputation.

  • Be a Savvy Social Networker:

There are many social media platforms, which your potential audience uses. Create business accounts on these social media platforms and participate in business campaign offered by big social media sites like facebook, twitter, Pinterest, etc.

  • Get listed online directories like Google My Business:

Try to list your business on various local and online business groups that maintain member directories. Being listed in these member directories both offline and online, help your potential client find you during the time of need.

  • Advertise on Google and other search engines:

Advertising online on search engines and other social media marketing platforms often provides with incredible targeting options. You can find typical customers and even sell high-ticket items by advertising on search engines. There are many paid and unpaid advertising options available on these platforms look for the offers that give you a certain amount of advertising free or at minimum charges.

  • Segment your market:

Strategize and develop specialities about your various products, which directly target the special needs of the audience in that particular segment.

  • Host or sponsor a social Event or Class:

It is considered one of the best ways to advertise your business. Participate in an event as a host or sponsor one that makes calls for a huge gathering. You can get print out flyers and post them on community bulletin boards (libraries, coffee shops, local colleges and adult ad centres). People are more than happy to post a flyer of an educational event or social cause and you as a sponsor get its benefit.

  • Expand your boundaries into a new market:

Try to expand your sell, by stepping into new markets. Your potential customers might be looking for your products online and you are busy mugging up with people at the store. Just register your brand online at different shopping sites and sell your products online as well.

  • Interact with your customers:

Talking to the customer is the best way to improve your performance and services. Ask them for feedbacks and know what you can do better to serve their needs. If you experience a trend in what’s being asked for, act on it.

  • Ask your existing customers for referrals in exchange of credits:

One of the best sources to grow your business is Referrals. A referral by someone known helps in building a certain level of trust in your business. Thus, making it easier to convert the prospect to a customer.  Make your customers feel that their referrals are highly welcomed and you like to thank them with the referral credits.

  • Put your business on the web:

If you haven’t already done so, then you must hurry up in marking your digital footprints. Even if all your website has to do is to present the who, what, where and why of your business. It provides you with a home on the web and a great chance of coming up in local search. Add share buttons to your website and encourage your visitors to use them.

  • Hire an SEO company:

To hit the potential customers and to increase the sale, it is important for your business to rank high on the search engine’s result page. This can be achieved by hiring an SEO service provider for your business. They are the one who helps you grow your online presence in the most innovative ways.

  • Use direct mail to reach your customers:

Yes, it may sound like an old-fashioned technique in an always-on world, but trust us it still works.

  • Send email and newsletters to your customers:

Provide your customers with discount coupons and special offers through regularly scheduled emails. You must also send newsletters containing tips and helpful hints for improving their living and other information will help them remember you and visit your store or website again. Start today, Make your own list of business marketing ideas that you can use and practice the one by one. However, you can even take help of the various SMO services providers, who can help you market your business in the best possible optimize way, at challenging price.

15 Simple Marketing Ideas that Small Business Should Learn From Big Brand
Ruchi Joshi

Ruchi Joshi, AVP of Nettechnocrats stands for the forefront of the fast moving technology industry trend: digital marketing services. As the lead marketing strategist for Nettechnocrats, Ruchi has led several online marketing programs in Web Design & development, Search Engine Optimization, PPC Advertising, Online Marketing Campaigns, Social Media Marketing and more for companies. Currently, she manages Business Strategy and all Digital Marketing Strategy for the firm's top clientele.

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