5 Factors Favoring the Rise of Progressive Web Apps in Diverse Industrial Sectors

With increased adherence to mobile apps, the trend of responsive websites is taking a back foot in the development point of view. Today, web apps are setting a new example of delivering impeccable user experience with cross-platform compatibility. Gone are those days when people used to extend their browsing time on a website as the world is switching to web apps to avail various online services in just a few clicks. Needless to say that web apps are gaining more significance when compared to responsive websites & that’s why developers are upbringing their interests in web app development.

All About Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Just like desktop-friendly websites, progressive web apps are developed to deliver app-like experience irrespective of the platform & device used for their accessibility. As consumers are consistently steering to mobile, the world is witnessing a transformation of sites into fully-fledged web app platform.

The concept of a Progressive web app is based on its explicit capability to deliver a native-app-like experience to users. The functionality of PWA reflects a combined version of mobile applications & fully customized web pages. It is obvious to say that they’re leveraged with excellent responsiveness, scalability, & security to ensure exceptional user experience.

Although progressive web apps portray app-like structure & design, they’re not meant to be featured in a specific app store. Their development process unfolds the integration of a. A valid web Manifest file, b. Served through HTTPS, c. A registered service worker with a fetch event handler. Google introduced these features & functions specifically for Progressive web apps:

  • Geolocation

  • Push notifications

  • Splash screens

  • Home screen icons

  • Offline mode

  • Background synchronization

  • Accessing media features

It is clear to say that there is no need to invest in mobile app development if you’re already having a web app with all must-have features. If you still need more pointers in favor to go for web app development, go through the below-enlisted factors defining a bright future of Progressive web apps in the digital sphere:

Hassle-free Access For All Users

When it comes to native mobile apps, they require download & installation for uninterrupted accessibility. Progressive web apps are impeccably customized & developed to deliver astounding user experience without facing unnecessary hurdles & technical glitches. PWAs deliver one-click access while the majority of mobile apps demand downloads & app permissions for contact details or media file access.

It is effortless to search Progressive web apps directly via Google and access in immediately without facing installation process. Users are preferably switching to web apps as mobile apps are restricting them to downloads with certain data charges. Accessing web apps simply means that you don’t need to uninstall it to free up some space on a mobile as they’re available just like user-friendly websites.

High User Engagement

Many popular apps come up with increased conversion rates on their web apps. By showcasing allow & deny buttons on a dialog box, a progressive web app pops up permission for allowing notifications for updates & add-ons. Once a user clicks on allow button, he/she starts receiving all important updates from a respective website and similarly web apps are integrated with “add to homescreen” & link-adding feature for simplified access.

In this way, a web app brings up overall conversion rates by ensuring that users spend more time visiting a page per session as compared to earlier sessions.

Offline Content Access

Bad network connections won’t bother you anymore as web apps allow offline access to their content without restrictions. Progressive web apps are integrated with a feature that works in the background either a website is accessed or not. Therefore, users can not only browse through a web app & its content in an offline mode but also receive notifications even if a device’s internet is slow.

Faster & More Secure

Progressive web apps take a lead in a race in the context of speed & security as:

  • The majority of websites are coded in HTTPs that support a fully-secured environment required for Progressive web apps. Instead of just relying on HTTP, you can simply get a web app to ensure data security via integration of HTTPs as trusted by Google.

  • No matter, what your internet speed is, a web app will never disappoint a user in terms of its speed & accessibility. Javascript & service workers run separately to deliver a lag-free user experience with high page load speed.

Fine-tuning Made Simpler

Progressive web apps dominate over mobile apps as they don’t need app store permissions for introducing certain updates & changes. Having a native app means that you’ve to connect its app store before making adjustments & changes against bugs or issues. A web app lets you fix all the bugs & technical glitches on own whereas a native app bounds you to write separate codes for respective iOS & Android apps.

Sum Up!

Progressive web apps stand apart for its flexible interface, cross-device compatibility, performance, security, & other uninterrupted accessibility. It will never let you compromise with user experience & usability as expected by you. Finally, it is unquestionable to conclude that web apps will remain at a centre stage continuing to astound users & extend growth charts of the success of diversified businesses!

5 Factors Favoring the Rise of Progressive Web Apps in Diverse Industrial Sectors
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