5 features of ERP solutions that you must have to transform your business

ERP or Enterprise resource planning software provides and covers a variety of essential functions that integrates every department of your business around the world by providing a real-time view of your data and processes. ERP also helps to streamline workflows helping in better decision making and growth.

There are many ERP available in the market that is specifically crafted for different businesses. Every ERP software consists of powerful modules depending on the product you are selecting for your business and each module function differently to enhance efficiency and effectiveness of the organization.

Many a time business forget to include key features before selecting or implementing ERP software. If these features are not available in your software, they can create a bias in the future.

5 basic features of ERP software

Financial Management

Financial management or accounting management is considered as one of the crucial factors of an ERP solution. The fact behind considering and testing financial management module is that it provides you a complete and proper financial reporting. By testing this module before implementation, you can be assured that you have a perfect component for your account management and its reporting.

Human Resource Management

Human Resource is another key feature of ERP software as it deals with the most important people in your business- your employees. Previously HRM module was least consider as it was able to manage only some basic functionalities such as payroll, employee management, and reporting. But, nowadays, an ERP solution is able to track its performance, time tracking, attendance, and much more.

Customer Relationship Management.

CRM feature deals with your entire customer, leads, and altogether the sale of your business. Nowadays CRM module is used by all the industries who implement ERP solutions in their business. A full-fledged CRM module ensures proper management of leads, customer, opportunities and offer better customer support and help in raising your business to its heights.

Customization Capabilities

Customization in ERP software is another advantageous feature of your ERP solution. One must go through and test all the customization features available in the ERP software. A right ERP software without any customization will not be viable, as businesses workflow or process can change it in the future.

Integration Capabilities

Every business works in a unique way and sometimes firms use 3rd party software which departments are not ready to accept in ERP solution. Therefore, one must check the integration capability of the software.


ERP is a powerful data management solution that helps to streamline your business operations by amounting the bulk of data-driven processes, doing extensive data analysis and providing accurate data management, all within a single intuitive framework. If you're thinking that ERP is the right solution for your firm, you should look start looking for a company offering ERP software development services and have the ability to meet all your needs.

5 features of ERP solutions that you must have to transform your business
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