A guide to mobile app development: Web vs. Native vs. Hybrid

Mobile applications have invaded mankind to the extent that we can not imagine our life without them. So much so, that you have to decide which kind of mobile app you would like to have for your business? There are three main mobile app types which you can explore for your project: Web, Native, or Hybrid.

Deciding to build your mobile app either as a Web or Native or Hybrid involves a variety of things to consider. To speed up the mobile app development and take advantage of the right selection for long you must first understand and select your choice.

Web Apps

A web app is an application designed to run on any device or browser. Therefore, the app is programmed independently of the operating system. Unlike with a native app, it works on all kinds of devices.

Web apps are created using programming apps such as HTML and CSS. They run inside a device's own web browser via a URL. It's not necessary to download and install a web app from an app store. A web app loads in browsers like Chrome, Safari, or Firefox and don't take up storage on the user's device.

If your goal is to offer mobile-friendly content to a wide range of users, a web app might be the appropriate development path. Web apps are a cost-effective way to put your products in front of a lot of users.

Native Apps

A Native app is an application that has been developed to run on a particular platform or device. The most popular operating systems for apps or Android or iOS. If you want your app to reach the maximum amount of users, it can be a strategic decision to create an app for more than one operating system. Delivering a high-level performance, developing a native app is a great way to guarantee your users reliable data protection.

Hybrid Apps

A hybrid app combines the best elements of both web and native applications. You install it like a web app but it's actually a web app on the inside. Hybrid apps are generally developed in the most common languages for web app development such as HTML and CSS. This means that they can be used on different platforms.

The main benefit of this app is that unlike with native apps, you don’t need to invest in two separate mobile application development for Android and iOS. Instead, the developer can create one mobile app that runs on both operating systems.

In case, you still have doubt for what type of app you need in order to digitalize your project, don't hesitate to contact us. Being a leading mobile app development company, our experts are always happy to help you what would work best for you.

A guide to mobile app development: Web vs. Native vs. Hybrid
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