Build high demand health, nutrition and diet apps for winning over the market

One of the multiple duties a smartphone can handle is being a fitness coach of ours. All we have to do is to equip with the necessary apps. Meanwhile, we must motivate ourselves to keep fit. Health and fitness mobile applications were among the most popular app categories last year and that is why fitness app developers are currently in high demand as leading brands in the fitness and wellness are investing in mobile app development to achieve a unique competitive edge.

A variety of health and fitness apps segments can be combined together in a single app or can be offered as a single app with some individual features. Let's see what specific features these apps hold and how they work for each segment.

Fitness Activity Apps

In recent time, we can witness a significant rise in the numbers of startups that offer fitness on demand through tech. The application primarily shows different types of exercises and how to perform them. These can have features such as personal trainer, audio video guides, logbook, timer, fitness apps to pair with devices.

Users look for apps that can be tailored to their needs and their proficiency levels. A simple option that allows users to set their level of proficiency and gives them options to increase it as they progress is an essential feature of these apps.

Nutrition and diet apps

These nutrition and diet apps are designed to help people in weight loss by counting calories consumed and burned on a daily, weekly or monthly basis by maintaining their water intakes and healthy eating habits. A log book can be used to note down the number of details of food and drinks consumed throughout the day to calculate the total energies or calories consumed. These apps can also have a level of complexity by having functions that calculate BMR and inform the user how long it will take to burn the calories consumed based on their activity levels. Here are some options that a diet app mainly include:

  • Healthy Food Suggestions
  • Water Consumption
  • Food Logger
  • Carbs Control/Weight loss
  • Diet Planning
  • Shopping List Organizers
  • Calorie counter based on their food intake and daily physical activity
  • Hire Nutritionists & Dietitian

Fitness tracking, data storage and management

These apps are designed to track and store workouts information. Generally, they are clubbed with apps of all categories, but it can be created as a standalone application for users who do not rely on apps for their regime but only want to keep track of their activities. These applications are often designed for wearable devices and currently, are high on demand in the market. Even people who do not go to the gym and pursue some other kind of sports activities can have these apps to track their movements. These apps provide you data about your daily steps, calories burnt, heart rate, pulse rate, blood pressure, etc.

Medical and general health companion

These mobile applications are designed especially for those persons who are suffering from some illness such as heart ailments, diabetes, blood pressure, etc. Generally connected with smart wearable devices, these medical apps perform some specific tasks such as giving you a reminder for the medicines, sending some warning signals when you're involved in some activities that might increase or creased your blood pressure or sugar level. Moreover, in case of an emergency, it can send signals to people saved as an emergency contact on the list.

The healthcare and fitness domain is bringing in a lot of opportunities for businesses to capitalize, as nowadays people are sharing their obsession for fitness and good health management, in some way or other. Also, with the rising of wearables and smart devices, there is substantial growth for fitness and diet apps in the coming time.

Build high demand health, nutrition and diet apps for winning over the market
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