Chatbot vs Live Chat: What can Help you to Drive More Sales?

Do you remember what was the last time when you spoke to a customer service on call or spoke through a live chat that was actually live?

Managing a live chat support on your website is easy to say but not in real. Setting up a customer support system on your website, listening to the customer queries and responding accordingly is a powerful way of building good relations with customers.

However, we can't deny with all the expenses that go with a live chat service and employing an extra person for this. The good intent of providing live customer support is quite beneficial and also helpful in driving sales- but time and again the means have just failed to meet those specific needs.

On the other hand, a Chatbot helps you save all the time, money and energy that goes with the installation of a live chat support system. There are a number of factors which are making chatbot services better in comparison to live chat and virtual assistant services.

1) Automation: Of course, the most obvious benefit of chatbot is its capability to save our time, energy and money. A bot can chat for hours without any assistance. Replying for the same queries repeatedly can be monotonous and burdensome for any human, but bots can handle this better.

2) 24/7 Available: Another key feature that makes the bots best live chat tool is its 24/7 presence. This means anyone, anywhere, anytime can put a query and get an instant response or have a conversation.

3) Quick and instant response: While you can pour your time, money and manpower into offering instant replies to your visitors, it's not possible that every time you are available to anticipate those chats and be available whenever the customers come back. Making customer waiting on a live agent or submitting mail id is a thing of the past.

4) Cost-efficient: Chatbots are more affordable than investing in human counterparts. Popular live chat services can cost you from $14 to $110 /month/agent, although you can get your hands on a free and simple chatbot platform.

5) Multitasking: When it comes to actual chat skills, bots can be the best option you will have. It has the ability to chat with multiple visitors simultaneously. So, it means instead of giving half-baked answers to visitors in order to keep them content, a bot replies smartly with each user.

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Bottom line

Chatbots are really emerging as the next step and most importantly, it is helping to drive more user engagement and customer support, thus sales and retention. Still, there are several improvements needed to chatbots, it is a great addition to customer service and we will see a good growth in this automation field.

Chatbot vs Live Chat: What can Help you to Drive More Sales?
Faraz Amir

Faraz Amir, currently heading sales management team, specialize in helping companies build scalable and high-performance sales organizations. Using a wealth of management experience garnered during his career, he helps his clients identify their goals, key financial issues, and other areas of concerns as well as managing their pricing to ensure business success and profitability.

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