Drupal Patches Critical Core Vulnerability- Upgrade Soon

On the official website of Drupal, a Drupal core vulnerability was announced, called the SA-CORE-2018-004 vulnerability. This vulnerability allows a remote attacker to execute a code on the Drupal website through multiple attack vectors. Running this remote code allows attackers to gain access to the website, server and/ or database.

Therefore, the official Drupal site recommends upgrading to the most recent versions of Drupal 7 or 8. However, these patches will only run if you have already upgraded version from the last reported vulnerability, SA-CORE-2018-002.

Here is a list of recommended solution from Drupal

  • If you are running 7.x, upgrade to Drupal 7.59.
  • If you are running 8.5.x, upgrade to Drupal 8.5.3.
  • If you are running 8.4.x, upgrade to Drupal 8.4.8.

According to Drupal, if you have not updated, your website may already be affected. Websites which were not patched by 11 April 2018 may be compromised. On this date, the evidence emerged out of attack attempts and it is possible targeted attacks occurred before that.

Drupal Patches Critical Core Vulnerability- Upgrade Soon
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