Enlisting 5 Effective Project Management Methodologies For Fruitful Results

Several factors are responsible for building a successful future for a business. Right from marketing to promotion, funding, & other measures, the availability of a productive workforce and its progressive project management strategy plays a major role behind the business growth. Either it's a small-scale enterprise or top-notch firm, every team needs a fruitful strategy to execute all projects on time. Therefore, every project manager comes up with the powerful strategies to handle multiple tasks & execute them in an efficient manner.

Implementation of project management methodologies is proven to bring profits for a business. No doubt, every project demands certain strategies that are quite exceptional & cannot be applied on all. In order to multiply business profits, it is prerequisite to focus on the organizational priorities & enlist fruitful concepts on project-centric project management methodologies. When it comes to systematic project management, you have numerous preferences to choose from the popular methodologies.

Introduced to simplify the operations & work efficiently on a to-do-list, these are the best options to go for project management methodologies:

1. Waterfall: Brought up during the 1970s, this methodology is very significant to advanced project management. Its implementation usually circumscribes project outline, designing, testing, installation, maintenance, & other tasks associated with software development. It allows:

  • Series of step-wise tasks with each phase of a project that can be accessed only after completion of a previous stage.
  • A strategic approach to define project requirements & probable deadlines right from the beginning.
  • More flexibility to manage tasks on the basis of predefined processes & execute them without any time lag.
  • Ease to analyze the quality & relevancy of final product to be delivered.

2. Six Sigma Methodology: Developed by Motorola, Six Sigma can save you a lot of time & efforts in project management. It combines three major data-driven techniques including DMAIC (define, measure, analyze, improve, & control), DFSS (Design for Six Sigma), & DMADV (define, measure, analyze, design, & verify).

3. Prince2: Defined as Projects in Controlled Environment, this methodology helps in organization & task distribution among teams.

  • It will showcase all processes & stages separately in its own entity.
  • It can be implemented in all types of projects.
  • It comprises 7 themes, 7 principles, & 7 processes.

4. Critical Path Method: CPM is used to ensure execution of predictable projects with a perspective of budget control. Alongside this, it helps in analyzing time & workforce required for a progressive flow of a project. You can check out a step-wise breakdown of tasks with a probable timeline. It also works of reducing risks & focuses on shorter processes.

5. Agile: Focusing on iterative cycles & teamwork, Agile is introduced in 2001 aiming to put emphasis on clientsÂ’ needs & expectations from a project. It lets you highlight each & every task with duration & expected project delivery. An ideal approach to feasible project management concepts that are defined for SMEs & product-based firms.

One can consider any of the above-enlisted project management methodologies to boost a teamÂ’s performance as well as business productivity. Be clear & concise to divide all tasks & implement them for smoother workflow!

Enlisting 5 Effective Project Management Methodologies For Fruitful Results
Shagun Walia

Shagun Walia is designated as a Project Manager at Nettechnocrats for her remarkable experience, skills, & competency in project management. Her in-depth knowledge & technical expertise to lead a team for progressive workflow encouraged clients’ satisfaction & on-time project execution. Her forward-looking approach & adroitness made her serve the role of pro-efficient project manager in a firm.

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