Features that make the Drupal Web Services more demanding.

In every year, we have seen there are so many changes in the content management system. In starting we do not have any content management system we have to develop the website its own but in last few years there is content management system are available through which we can design and develop the website easily in the well-mannered form. One of the well-mannered and fully supported content management platforms was developed is Drupal 8.

Drupal 8 features that make it more demanding.

1. New Theme Engine- Drupal 8 engine was introduced the brand new theming engine called Twing that is totally based on the PHP scripting language. It is considered the most flexible, secure and fast then the other content management system. Through this, we can easily create the beautiful and more functional Drupal website and its templates are written in the simpler language that can be written by everyone.

2. Mobile First from the Get- Go- Drupal 8 is first targeting to the mobile approach it means that all the themes are available in Twing are responsive in nature. It means that it can resize or adjust according to the size of the mobile devices. Apart from this, the table can be fitted into any of the screen sizes without a hitch and the new admin toolbar works better than the other tools bar on mobile devices.

3. More HTML5 Power to You- As HMTL 5 provides the better input field facility like e-mail, phone etc in the same way the Drupal 8 also provides the better input field facility, even it provides more compatibility and functionality with the mobile devices.

4. Multilingual Ready- The great functionality that adds to the Drupal 8 is that now the website is available in multilingual languages means now the website designs in all languages. The main reason for developing the website in multilingual languages is that every can read according to their languages that they know.

5. Loading Speed- Drupal 8 hides all the entities and only loads the javascript when it required. Through Drupal 8 the speed of reloading the page increase means that it will not take so much time to load the content. If you already view, the pages then it will not take so much to reload again. The previous view content can be loaded quickly just because of the cache.

6. JavaScript Automated Testing- Firstly the automated testing is not possible for front end but now the JavaScript (JS) automated testing is totally supported with the Drupal 8. Now the testing developer can test the JavaScript front-end automatically so it will help to save the time and money.

7. Guided Tour- Now the descriptive text is can be written under the help link. It will make the content management system easier for everyone to understand.

Features that make the Drupal Web Services more demanding.
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