App Hacks: How to Get Your App Featured in Google Play or App Store?

So how does an app get featured on the app store and Google play? It's one thing to turn a unique problem-solving idea into an innovative app with a potential to help a thousand users. It's another thing to completely connect with those users so they can start enjoying and taking benefits from your app. Getting your new app featured in the iOS or Google play store is arguably the best way to boost your visibility and increase downloads. Here in this article, we'll discuss some of the best practices that might be helpful for you to get your app featured in the Google Play or App Store and attract a whole new audience to your app.

App Store

Design universal app

It might seem like more work, but building iOs apps the right way from the beginning can make I-pad specific views a snap down the road. With a little extra design and effort, apps can target iPad relatively easily--and for certain apps, being universal is the price of entry for consideration as an App Store feature.

Ensure your app is designed with native code

Apple favors app created in native code Objective-C and its new Swift programming language--that take full advantage of the APIs and frameworks built into iOS. Not only these apps offer the best user experience but also better equipped to transition into the new version of iOS.

Best UI/UX design

In the end, the apps Apple chooses for its editor's choice those offering a user experience that iOS users will love. All that matters is how well the iOS app user experience addresses end user's real-world needs- and if the app fails to do that with its visual and interactive design that user enjoy, it'll fail to connect with its audience.

Good App Description

A first impression always matters and creating an app description is your best chance to attract new customers and convince them to choose your app over the competition. Take your time to write an engaging description by highlighting the problem that your app solves and don't forget to add high-quality screenshots.

Follow Apple guidelines thoroughly:

A powerful marketing will help bring continued success for your app. Follow all the defined guidelines by Apple to promote your app's availability on the App Store in all marketing communications.

So, these were the most crucial steps to follow if you want to make your app featured in the APP store. Now, let's discuss Google Play.

Although, most of the tips are similar for both stores still some few more tips are following to get your Android app featured in Google Play.

1) Refinement: Craft your app with polish and make it seamless with all the Android devices. Follow all the listed Google essentials from their developer's website. Even your app has not built a good ranking, Google will consider it due to its innovative use of Android features.

2) Social media marketing: Promote the mobile app in your social media channels, communicate with your potential audiences and let them know what the new innovative app has to offer its users.

3) Technical requirements: Each year Google releases a ton of products such as Firebase and Google Maps SDKs, for developers to make use of them. Google tends to feature all the strong apps using these new technologies as a way of validating their own innovations.


To conclude following are the basic fundamentals to get your app featured in the App Store or Google Play:

1) Build a native app on the latest technology framework

2) Keep updating the app for all new improvements

3) Promote your app regularly as per defined marketing strategies

Keeping these tips in mind could help you get your app the attention it deserves on the Google or iOS app store.

App Hacks: How to Get Your App Featured in Google Play or App Store?
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