Google Hangouts for iOS Is Now Available For iPhone X

Hangouts, as we all are aware is a Google's dedicated messaging app and an extremely popular video conferencing application. Many have already made the most of this wonderful interactive platform and now, finally, it has been updated to be compatible with iPhone X. With the launch of this update, Hangouts applicable will be able to take full advantage of the complete display of the iPhone X. This functioning would occur without any black bars, both at the top and at the bottom. This update was most awaited to reach the Apple's new flagship device. Google recently introduced the iPhone X updates for Docs, Sheets, Gmail, Slides, and Google Maps.

According to the latest released notes by Google, this Hangouts update will prove to be a great feature in the optimization of iPhone X. Google has now upgraded the most popular video conferencing app, known as Google Hangouts and it now supports for iPhone X. As we all know that, the new iPhone X features a completely different display, and all the popular apps are not being updated to the latest versions in order to support the new iPhone X. Big news for iPhone users is that Google has recently updated the Google Maps app for the same to support the big screen of iPhoneX and now it has even reached the Hangouts app for the update.

In a new release note for the Google, the developers have updated the list with iPhone X optimization. This gives a clear indication that the application would now be easily supported on the recently launched iPhone X, which is released with a full-screen interface, that too without any hidden buttons at the front side panel on the phone. This update is expected to help the iPhone users in carrying their business operations with more comfort and reliability.

Google Hangouts for iOS Is Now Available For iPhone X
Arpita Mishra

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