Google Is No Longer Using DMOZ For Search Results Snippets

June 23, 2017
  • nettechblog

It has been officially announced that Google will no longer rely on DMOZ for searching search result snippets. This signifies that business must stop worrying about relying on NOODP directive in order to prevent Google from using the DMOZ description. Google has made an announcement that it won’t be using any open directory project (DMOZ) titles as well as descriptions as a source for search results snippets.


This step clearly indicates that the webpages are the sole source for pulling snippet information. In case, if the webpage lacks meta description or on-page text, DMOZ was being used. In order to change the situation, Google has started requesting the site owners to consider meta description tags on their respective sites.


Another implication that can be drawn from this observation is that the NOODP tag prevents Google from using DMOZ is being deprecated for the Google search engine. All other search engines can still use the DMOZ information. One fact that cannot be denied is that primarily it was the Google use that interested the site owners. For gaining the attention from, the site owners were asked to write quality descriptions so that the snippets remain absolutely accurate and representative for the web content.


This piece of information will act as a guideline for businesses as well as SEO experts to take further actions accordingly without wasting any time and energy.

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