Google's Android Oreo: all the associated features you need to know

Google's Android Oreo update is no longer the newest stable version of its mobile operating system, and we all know that Android Pie is now the new Android kid on the block. But Android Oreo is far more widely available in different devices. Here are the latest things that you need to know about this new operating system.

Great video multitasking

Nougat brought us native split-screen apps. With Oreo, we get a native video multitasking feature. Like when you're watching a video in the app like VLC or Netflix, just hit the home button and the current screen will shrink to a little floating window.

Noticeable notifications

This is Android's take on iOS's app badges and reduces your stress. The notification dot feature will put a little dot in the right bottom corner of the app when you have any unread notification. Unlike the iOS notifications though, the dots on the app icons don't give you a count of how many notifications you have and you will have to long press that icon to get the information.

Great speed and performance

Google's done a whole load of work to make Android 8 (Nougat) the fastest iteration of its mobile platform ever.

In fact, Google claims that Android Oreo will be able to run and load the apps and boot up at up to the twice speed of Android Nougat, resulting in slicker operation. Although, we just hope that this enhancement will improve the performance even on the cheaper devices.

Long-lasting battery

It is the one thing that will surely delight all Android users-a software update that will improve the battery life of the device, speed, and security with great control over the apps. Google claims Android Oreo is smarter when it comes to letting apps run in the background, reducing the amount of power and memory they use up and leaving more for you to use in the tasks you're presently performing.

Autofill passwords

Users need not go through the pain of the typing information each and every time, as the autofill feature in Android Oreo fills this information automatically. All you need to do is pick auto-fill provider in any language and input settings. Android will ask for the login details from the app whenever you need.

New emoji to play more

There is no getting away from the fact that emoji are highly enriched in our daily communications. With over 60 new emojis in total, the new inclusion of the latest expressions will likely delight to add more fun to your communication.

Smart text selection

One of the best features Oreo is providing is smart text selection. Like, select a phone number and it will suggest the phone app, select an email address and it'll offer a link to Gmail, or just select a street address and it will provide you a quick link to Google maps. This feature makes your device faster and easier to use.

Besides the above, Wi-fi awareness is the new addition in Android Oreo that allows Wi-FI devices to talk to each other using an ad hoc local network. You can also see some new improvements to the camera app. Google is now working on the camera app, to offer a new double-tap feature to quickly get 50 % zoom.

With all these new Oreo features, the Android development companies are also providing services to upgrade your app or make a new one with all these benefits. If you also want to upgrade your app, contact with one to get the best app development experience.

Google's Android Oreo: all the associated features you need to know
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