What does Google's Android Q holds for developers?

The rollout of the most awaited Android 9 Pie has been a huge success. Although it’s been just several weeks since the Android 9 is on the market, that does not mean Google will sit quietly, Android 10 is already in talks. However, it is quite sure that Android 10 Q will surely make it tough for developers, as it will aggressively push them to update apps.

According to the new commitment by Android open source project, it is been spotted that Android Q will not allow the mobile application made for a lollipop and older version to be compatible with it. It rather will show a warning message if people try to run old apps in Android Q, and it will prompt a user to either check for updates, dismiss the message or to complain enough that the app needs to be update or replaced.

Every new version of Android that Google launches comes with a new API- Application Program Interface level and features that are obviously not available in the previous version. Alike, the latest Android 9 Pie targets API of 26 or higher, the introduction of this policy aims at modernization of apps. Furthermore, all the app updates after November 1, 2018, must target an API of 26 and above. This policy of Google might make a small rate very vocal minority of users unhappy with its restriction, as there will be many seldom-updated apps, which might have no alternatives as they must be used in specialized fields.

However, according to XDA-Developers, the introduction of this new policy by Google surely does not means that the apps running on older versions of Android will stop working once the Android Q is rolled out. Furthermore, these new warning messages would rather help Google to identify whether the app is updated or not.

What does Google's Android Q holds for developers?
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