How can artificial intelligence boost your customer service?

In the world of digital battle, nearly 52% of businesses have implemented artificial intelligence (AI) in their customer service department. By 2019, this number will rise to 75%. This is because businesses have left no stone unturned to leverage the benefits Artificial Intelligent can provide to their business.

There are many areas where your business can utilize AI such as:

  • Order and collections management

  • Lead generation

  • Account servicing

  • General customer service

  • Appointment setting

  • Sales growth

Artificial Intelligence is not a one-day trend that will fade away with time. AI has lots to offer but businesses have most been benefited with customer services and boosted their customer interface. Some of the best customer service offered by AI is

  • Enhanced Customer Experience

  • Front-End Chatbots

  • AI-Assisted Virtual Agents

Here is how you can enhance your customer service experience using artificial intelligence

  • Enhanced Customer Experience

The way business treats its customer is what the secret behind its growth. To provide your customer with amazing experience use tailored and customized AI experience for each customer. This will not only increase your brand's reputation but also increase your sale, by assisting everyone without any delay. Good customer service can help you convert your potential customers into a regular one.

Here are some examples of big brands using AI customization in practice:

    • For personalized product recommendations Amazon uses the service Ai to drive its sales.

    • The automatically tag option in Facebook is a miracle of AI

    • Google Maps uses AI to help its user find the best route by analyzing traffic patterns and volume.

These examples are just to show you that you can implement AI in the best interest of your business to serve your customers before they have to ask to be served. Try to give your customer a personalized experience to make them feel special and improve the overall impression of your business.

  • Front-End Chatbots

Chatbots are the new trend in AI that is here to stay for long in coming future. Considered as most of the humble way to interact with visitors on your business site/app and solve their queries in an instance, Chatbot is an automated responder. It is designed to process your text inputs or voice command and perform basic functions.

This little guy is AI’s blessing to business and is smart enough to interact with people and reply them in the most natural way as if the human is sending a reply from another side. No matter who visit your business site or contact you for support from any part of the world at any point.

According to the experts, Chatbots are not solely responsible for creating 100% customer service but they are surely one contributing to a great extent. If you wish to get a chatbot for your business, then hire an experienced AI chatbot development company today and get ready to deliver your customers with amazing and interactive service.

  • AI-Assisted Virtual Agents

To quickly grasp the complexity of a customer’s particular request, enter into the world of the virtual assistant agent. It is an advanced type of Chatbot with the addition of a face and a faux persona; it is developed to provide the customers with a bit more easy during the interaction.

To add a necessary human touch to the site, businesses are enabling the virtual agent to improve their online customer service efforts. The virtual agent does more than appearing as a human, is a virtual agent that is backed up by a human being who can step in at a moment whenever their assistance is demanded and provide the customer with more personalized advice.

Amazon is one of the most popular examples using AI-Assisted Virtual Agents to solve its customer's queries related to orders and provide them with the needful support in the most productive way. These Ai virtual agents are developed by the experts using complex machine learning algorithms and CRM-integration and programmed to virtually do all their customer service representatives’ work.

If you wish to enhance the growth of your business, using AI than this is the right to step into the world of Artificial intelligence and provide a remarkable seamless service to your customers. From Customers to business growth artificial intelligence is beginning to affect every aspect of the business.

Now is the time to stay ahead of the curve by strategizing how you will use AI to enhance your own customer service operation.

How can artificial intelligence boost your customer service?
Faraz Amir

Faraz Amir, currently heading sales management team, specialize in helping companies build scalable and high-performance sales organizations. Using a wealth of management experience garnered during his career, he helps his clients identify their goals, key financial issues, and other areas of concerns as well as managing their pricing to ensure business success and profitability.

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