How Magento web development can benefit from Augmented reality

The digital era has opened up an array of new opportunities for merchants to attract new buyers and retain the existing ones. In this fierce era, only those retailers who update themselves continuously with the new modern technologies can avail the chance to stand out from their competitors and gain more customer loyalty.

Magento web development, the most robust eCommerce platform has changed the business people do online. Known for its flexibility, scalability and modular features, Magneto has been the first choice for developing eCommerce stores. When Magento is combined with Augmented Reality, no doubt that it will be the most promising technology revolutionizing the eCommerce field today.

Tech-savvy retailers and eCommerce business owners leverage both of these technologies Magento and AR to create a cohesive and interactive customer experience, both in-store and online. Connecting the real world with the digital, AR helps to make the customer's shopping experience more interactive and engaging. Combining this technology assures to increase customer retention on a product by 40%.

While Magento web development, the adept developers combine different forms of augmented reality to promote company's products and services and improve their overall shopping experience. Following are the top three areas where augmented reality can bring the most value to eCommerce business.

Product visualization and testing

The main drawback of online stores in comparison to the physical retail points is the lack of proper visualization. Even high-quality product images sometimes fail to showcase a product in its best form. By utilizing AR, a developer can easily address this issue with reality like visualizations and demonstrating the product from different angles. Doing this gives the customer a clear understanding of what the product looks like in real life.

Product modification and customization

AR provides a great opportunity for customers to explore different options of any product and make necessary customizations in real-time. With the help of AR, one can easily change the color, dimensions or any other characteristics. This can be hardly done at any physical store.

Customers Engagement and Experience

No doubt, customer experience is the area that augmented reality affects the most. With this technology, buyers can interact with products and surroundings and have a completely new experience. Not only it allows customers to get a better perception of the product but also streamline their shopping experience and make it more interesting. For example, an online cosmetic store that allows its customers to apply different products on themselves and have a great experience of the products.


AR is a game-changing technology that provides online retailers a chance to enhance the shopping experience of their customers. The sooner online retailers follow the trend of combining AR technology with Magento web development, the higher competitive advantage they can get. Hire an experienced web development company today and reap the benefits.

How Magento web development can benefit from Augmented reality
Dev Bhushan

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