How much does it cost to build/create a mobile app?

Right from ideation to the deployment of a mobile app, multiple stages of designing & development are predefined with initial insights of anticipated expenditure with a major focus on quality & relevance; low app development cost is kept at priority to sow the seeds of business success within the budget. Ranging from $25 to $80 per hour, getting a simple app developed by professionals in India will cost you less as compared to Western Nations where the general pricing varies between $100- $350 per hour.

In simple words, the overall development costs of a mobile app are subjected to vary due to certain factors whether you need a database app or multi-feature app for business.

Standard Formula To Calculate The Estimate App Development Costs

Trying to find a straightforward answer to questions for the costs & pricing of mobile app development & maintenance demands deep research & time. Though each app development process is exceptional, only the estimation will bring out the initial idea of total expenditure laid down behind the successful delivery of a project.

The budget forming options unveil a long list of factors shaping the development costs. The most relevant formula that has been applied to determine the charges for app development is based on the number of hours consumed in-app construction & technology used.

Mobile App Development Costs

  • App features & purpose
  • Integration points
  • Maintenance plan
  • Hourly Pricing For App Creation

Briefing Key Factors behind App Development Costs

App Ideation

Every profit-generating app is a combined innovation of strategists, designers, & development team. Before getting into the core UI/UX designing & coding, a team outlines the app idea along with a rough estimation to be shared with a client. The most important aspects of app ideation are the major factors covered for its validation including target audience, market competitors, & business objectives.

In the race of upraising a brand value, businesses strive to highlight their expertise by investing in the development & maintenance of a feature-packed application. Therefore, NetTechnocrats puts emphasis on the three-fold measures for the validation of app ideation as mentioned below:

Market research

This stage circumscribes a few major tasks to be done. Our forward-looking approach encourages us to explore the market & analyze the preferences of users to come up with a feasible app idea. We do some research work at priority to get familiar with the major objectives of our clients & their prominent customers. This phase also involves competitor analysis for developing apps that users love.

App usability

The functionality of a mobile app delivers a clear picture of the technology & tools used to build it. We determine the estimated costs of app development & maintenance by considering the factors of app size, features, UI/UX design, & functionality for cost breakdown structure.

Market Capitalization

Considering the scope of profits that a proposed mobile app idea is subjected to bring, we gather relevant data & information to mention the worth of app idea. The goal behind the app discovery is to validate an idea on the basis of its potential to generate revenues & attract users for enhanced brand value. Before analyzing the initial app development process, our team sketches out a rough roadmap to let it stand out from the competitors.

This phase takes approximately 40-80 hours for app ideation & discovery.

App analysis & scope

Sketching out the key features, technology, & purpose that an app is supposed to serve within a document.

App complexity

The plethora of engaging features add up to the complexity of an app. Our cost impacting models majorly circumscribe these app features categorized into 5 groups:

Deployment Architecture- Backend is core strength of an app. Though businesses draw important user details to come up with a relevant solution via backend, its structure & development process puts emphasis on using BaaS for getting readymade architecture for the backend.

Admin panel structure- Right from accessing integral panel of an app to viewing stats, updating content, & tracking all activities on the fingertips, an admin panel enables businesses to monitor an app’s functionality in the absence of developers.

Third Party Integration- Though an app must be designed to match with the functionality of other platforms & applications such as Facebook & Paypal, third-party integration plays a crucial role in redefining an app’s potential & scope.

In-app purchases- One of the major sources of revenue generation is an in-app purchase. The popularity of platforms featuring in-app purchase is definitely a positive signal to support the feasibility of the app idea.

Compatibility with device hardware- Features including GPS, Barometers, Bluetooth, Barometers, location-based user accessibility, etc. are prominent to be linked with an app to make it more useful.

When it comes to the complexity of an app, the combination of multiple add-ons & engaging features contributes to increasing in the overall app development & maintenance costs. At NetTechnocrats, our strategists refine the cost breakdown structure under these categories:

Simple Apps- the blend of basic features with simple functionalities & standard UI/UX elements allows developers to take approx 600-900 hours of designing, development, & deployment of a fully-customized app.

Mid-level apps- The development process of a mid complexity app involves the integration of custom UI, API, real-time messaging, & basic backend functionality. They demand a time period of around 900-1600 hours for complete development.

Complex apps- Many apps require powerful functionalities or features that include media processing, complex backend, custom animation, & real-time sync, & more. Complex apps demand heavy database structuring to engage users.

App Category

The resolution to all the queries regarding the costing of a mobile app development project revolves around the above-described categories of an app. For every app category, we need to consider many factors including security criteria, user base, functionalities & features to be integrated, & other criteria associated with the variation in the expected app development cost.

Device-independent apps- These types of app don’t require data connectivity in order to be accessed & they’re designed to run independently irrespective of a device’s functionality. Such stand-alone apps demand low development cost & time varying from 600-900 hours.

Social media apps- We’ve been delivering popular social media apps leveraged with stunning UI & unique features.

The interesting features of a social networking app are enlisted as accessibility of media files & camera, instant messaging, location-based tracking service, syncing, & in-app purchases.

Though a highly secure platform with integrated features serves a primary purpose of attaining the interests of potential users, a chance of high development costs is expected to increase. Apps like Whatsapp & Facebook are usually built within 1800-2500 hours.

Mobile-commerce apps- Online shopping is a popular trend encouraging retailers to launch a feature-loaded app to maximize their profits & customer base.

Though mCommerce apps attract uncountable shoppers from varied demographic locations with distinctive preferences & needs, our developers set a priority to integrate an advanced hack security system for safe payments. In addition to this, a strong backend of an app allows regular page updates & maintenance along with direct API linking.

Since the functionality of mCommerce apps unfolds more features as compared to social media applications, their development costs are higher. It will take somewhere between 2000 or more hours to build an eCommerce app.

On-demand apps- The collaboration of target users, service provider, & businesses relates to the category of on-demand apps. The UI design of this app is completely distinctive to the entire app flow responsible for the increased cost of development & maintenance.

The exclusive features of popular on-demand apps like UberEats encourage the estimated budget for a project. The integration of real-time tracking, chat support, real-time sync, instant notifications, in-app payment, etc. also makes a huge impact on the duration & costs of app development.

Enterprise apps-Enterprise apps are meant to automate in-house operations for better productivity. They are designed to be used by employees & project managers to streamline the time-consuming processes & build productivity for business growth. The estimated costs to develop & maintain an enterprise app varies between $50,000 to $1,75, 000.

App Designing & Wireframing

A user interface is a vital component of a fully-functional mobile app that only captivates users but also let them explore more of it. Users love switching to a cross-compatible app leveraged with customized UI design for astounding user experience. Therefore, it quite obvious to depict that a UI design plays a significant role in the overall cost of app development.


The rough sketches of an app’s functionalities bring out the initial look of its user interface & features. Wireframes are majorly prepared using specific tools such as Photoshop, Balsamiq, & MARVEL and shared with clients for their reviews or feedback.

UI Design

NetTechnocrats is backed by a team of UI/UX designers who use material designs to customize a user interface with a match of creativity & uniqueness. Our impeccable UI designs engage users to continue accessing an app for an extended duration.


The integration of high-quality graphics & creative components with beautiful animation will impart enthralling user experience. The most popular video messaging app Snapchat & gaming apps use interactive animation to attain users interest that also contributes to app design costs.

Though the cost of app designing depends on the number of hours required for it, it is expected to consume around 150 to 400 hours.

App platform

One of the prime factors to define the cost of app development is a platform & its updated OS version.

Native Apps

Although the cost of app development for both iOS & Android platforms is similar, the OS version & device support together bring a slight difference between their costing. Android apps are expected to cost you more as compared to an iOS app. Our developers go for Swift & Objective C for iOS app development and Java for developing Android apps.

Web App

The pricing for web app development ranges from $15,000 - $30,000. Either it’s a progressive web app or other types, investing in web apps is surely a budget-friendly option for every business.

Cross-platform apps

The demand for cross-platform apps is comparatively higher than native apps as they’re compatible on multiple platforms. The development of cross-platform apps involves fewer efforts with single code use along with the implementation of Flutter & React to Native platforms.

Flutter apps

Introduction of Flutter technology led us to create feature-rich native apps using a single codebase. Integrating compelling user interface adorned with typography, icons, scrolling, & other elements rendered to deliver natural feel on multiple platforms. The cost of Flutter app development is high ranging from $15,000 to $40,000 as not many programmers are aware of this technology.

React Native

React Native take a charge when it comes to cross-platform app development. Thousands of top-ranked brands preferred to go for this popular framework to shine across the Android & iOS app stores. The varying expenditure of using React Native for $15,000 to $50,000 makes it more cost efficient than native app development & Flutter app development.

Hybrid Apps

The combination of native and web apps results in hybrid apps. They’re used accessed with a web view look while they are installed just like other Native applications.

Our adroit programmers go for PhoneGap, Ionic, and Sencha Touch frameworks to build high-performing hybrid apps embedded with interesting features. Although Hybrid app development is still is in demand, industries are turning towards cross-platform app development over it with the inclusion of React Native & Flutter technologies.

However, several reputed brands choose Hybrid apps due to low development costs as compared to Native apps.

Blockchain apps

Blockchain technology has gained immense popularity from the past few years with penetration in several industries. The lack of technical expertise & technicalities led to the extended app development time as well as overall costs.

Blockchain apps are based on two types of development platforms named as Permissioned & Public. When it comes to cost difference, Permissioned platform demands more expenses as compared to Public due to its advanced security setup. The estimated budget for Blockchain app development is determined between $30,000 to $1,80,000.

App Deployment

Every app is launched on its respective app store alongside meeting the major guidelines defined for a successful deployment.

Though it is mandated to match the criteria to get approval to get an app visible on Android Play store & iOS App store, we analyze the suitability of a fully-developed app to eliminate chances of app rejection due to un-fulfillment of A, B, & C criteria. App submission will cost you a one-time fee of $25 for Android & $99 for Apple every year.

App maintenance

There is no doubt that even after going through app development & deployment process, the cycle of expenditure goes on and on. Though it is prerequisite to stay updated to the ever-changing market trends to keep sync with new technologies, devices, & upgraded OS versions, app maintenance unveils another facet of pricing.

App Updation

Every app demands ongoing maintenance to engage users with updated content, features, graphics, & other elements. Alongside spending an estimated amount of around $100,000 on app development, businesses are expected to avail app maintenance services with a budget of $20,000 every year.

App Bug Fixes

A series of technical glitches & bugs affect user engagement & usability of an app. For app maintenance, NetTechnocrats serves a benefit of fixing bugs that majorly appear once an app is published.

Design Changes

The intriguing UI designs of an app hold potential to keep users glued to it for a longer time. Keeping an app with an old & outdated look will bore the potential users & won’t attract more traffic. Therefore, we keep a note to maintain an app with stunning designs & catchy interface.

Overall app maintenance will cost around 20% of overall app development expenditure on a yearly basis.


Right from strategists to designers, developers, & project managers, the entire team dedicates themselves to create a mobile app at reasonable costs.

Though the pricing packages vary from a freelancer to a team of 5-10 professionals & a reputed firm with thousands of employees handling a project, businesses must explore & do some researches work before hiring any of them.

With large-scale app development agencies with a workforce of over 3000+ professionals- the estimated budget will be around $450,000 to $1,500,000.

With growing App Development Companies like NetTechnocrats with a team of around 100-1000 experts- expected costs will vary between $25,000 to $2,00,000.

With freelances & small-scale app development firms, a staff of 10 to 50 developers will charge you from $2000 to $25,000. 

Geographical location

With varying app development costs across the globe, it is obvious to depict the crucial role of locality in calculating overall expenses in app creation. The changes in costs are based on an hourly basis.

Our Parameters for App Development Costs Estimation

NetTechnocrats’s team delivers feature-rich apps integrated with impressive UI & engaging functions to enthrall users. Our rock-solid plans & strategic workflow made us finish the app within the proposed budget and timeline. With initial discussions & ideation, our strategists determine estimated costs to develop & maintain an app on a basis of technology & resources to be used for project delivery.

With documentation & planning, we draft a descriptive cost breakdown structure mentioning major requirements, add-ons, & other aspects of every app development project.

How much does it cost to build/create a mobile app?
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