How much Revenue does an App Generate for your business?

The impact of digitalization has deepened its footprints across diversified areas of technology. From small-scale business to leading enterprises, the world is shifting towards the online sphere with an intention to connect with the global audience & stretch out the market reach. Knowing the significance of online visibility, the majority of entrepreneurs are aspiring to showcase their specialization & excellence on popular digital platforms. Since customers are increasingly switching to mobile apps, the global app store market is witnessing a cut-throat competition to steer customers.

Favorable Statistics To Define Success Of Mobile Apps

App stores are flooded with millions of mobile apps but also only a few of them stand apart to attain visitors’ attention. With a fruitful app idea and development, a feature-loaded mobile app will definitely put your business forward with the engaging user experience.

The present scenario of the mobile market reflects the tremendous upsurge in the revenues brought up by popular apps. The interesting stats from the previous year’s report revealed that 63% of overall website traffic comes via smartphones that is much higher as compared to laptops, tablets, & other internet-friendly devices. Furthermore, these factors will clear out your dilemma in support of mobile apps as a future of your business:

In the context of app platforms

The foremost step to succeed with your app idea is to decide a favorable platform for it. Your mobile app will surely bring double-fold profits if it is relevantly connecting the targeted users. In other words, you must consider the changing popularity of platforms and their accessibility among the customers.

The demand for mobile app developers depends on the popularity of platforms through which they are meant to be accessed. Presently, both Android & iOS are sharing a wide user base with ever-increasing revenue generation rates. However, these points must be kept in mind to ensure a success of your app:

  • In-app purchases
  • App subscriptions
  • Advertisements

Moving on, the majority of businesses choose both platforms to reach their customers and that is why, it is necessary to do some research work for getting more insights about an app market.

According to the facts, 25% of iOS developers earn $5,000 a month while only 16% of Android developer make a same amount of money per month. However, the Android shares a wider audience as compared to Apple.

As Android dominates over iOS in terms of user baseURL, be specific about your choice and target audience before you go for any of them. One must analyze the presence of active customers on a platform that you’re going to select.

Mobile app design & features

All of your efforts & investments for selling your products or representing your business will go in vain if your mobile app lacks certain features. Every business demands certain add-ons for its application either it is meant for Android or iOS.

When it comes to online shopping, Apple users find it more quick & hassle-free as compared to those who use Android devices. Around 47% of online purchases are made via iOS while smartphones based on Android platform usually witness 38% of eCommerce purchases. Therefore, before you step into an app development phase, you must consider these varying factors as well! Go through the below steps to foster your mobile app idea in a right direction:

  • Make a clear picture of your target market instead of relying on initial assumptions. Start with research work to determine if people will be interested to use your application or not. Although this task seems quite daunting to many, it holds a significance to get on a right track. It will assure you to pick a platform that will multiply your profits.
  • App’s performance is another factor to raise the concerns of its accessibility. Irrespective of a platform & screen size, you need to make sure that your mobile app runs seamlessly on multiple devices. In simple words, an app that delivers lag-free accessibility with uninterrupted navigation and user experience earns better user engagement for increased benefits.
  • An interactive app loaded with interactive features not only holds a potential to engage users but also influence them to make in-app purchases. Therefore, it can be said that app design plays a major role in raising your business profits.

App categories on Apple store & Play store

There are over 3 millions of iOS & Android apps on their respective app stores. However, an app’s rate of revenue generation depends on its type & category. As per Statista, gaming app publishers like Netmarble games made around $58.7 million in 2017 while non-gaming apps like Line Corporation came up $11.79 million revenue generated on Google app store. Google Play and App Store

This data clearly defines that there is a wide difference in revenues based on the category to which an app belongs to. However, it doesn’t mean that it is necessary to have a gaming app to make money as you’ve other opportunities as well. Do consider these stats that by 2020 the total projected app revenues are expected to turn more than double the profits generated in 2016. Both non-gaming & gaming apps are successfully heading ahead to astound users for specific use.

Final Words

Many questions might be running in your mind while you’re planning to introduce own mobile app for business growth. However, every entrepreneur needs to outline a strategy with a clear interpretation of an app’s platform, in-app purchase options, subscription model, ads, app type i.e native or hybrid, features & accessibility, freemium & premium versions, sponsorship, & more.

Keeping all these points in consideration for mobile app development will definitely bring countless opportunities to raise your revenues. Mobile apps stand as a future of the digital world. There is no doubt that businesses will continue relying on them to earn more bucks for succeeding their goals.

How much Revenue does an App Generate for your business?
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