How Technology Has Changed The Businesses Over The Years

The businesses and the marketing standards stayed almost the same for many centuries. However, the drastic changes in the technology and the trends at a very fast pace make us realize that the world is progressing really faster than we can ever think.

You might have not even realized how far we have come and made what all progress, but if you had a time machine to look back before some years, you will be really surprised to see what amazing and incredible changes the world has been able to make with the help of the various technologies.

If were to take you back about 10 years, the things that were not known to people were:

  • The mobile phones were just used for calling and traditional texting purposes

  • There was no existence of the cloud-based solutions in the businesses and the industries

  • There was no such thing called as Artificial Intelligence

The above-mentioned are just a few, there are many more.Technology has literally changed every aspect of the way any business operates and never before in the history has that change occurred so frequently Below you will find some of the ways in which the technology has fundamentally changed the business (for better or worse).

  • The social shift and connection: You just can't afford to operate the business as if it exists in a vacuum any longer. The rise of the social networking techniques has figuratively shrunk the world and now the users can connect without any regard to the geographical obstacle, any financial background, or even the social status. Indeed, many years ago you might have been able to skate by on okay customer service and the product offerings but now you will likely incur a hateful rant on the Facebook or a bad review on the rating sites. And, to use the quote that is often tossed about flippantly, what goes on the Internet stays on the Internet. This means that if an individual earns a bad reputation, it is going to stick with them. That is why you can see businesses large and small worried about the digital footprint, and the social identity too. They have the community managers and such on the lookout for the potential bad press and out making some rounds trying to be just proactive.

  • The past and the present diversion: Looking back to the 1990’s, the Internet was just a new commodity for many, but not all, the households and businesses began to gain access. For people living during that particular time, the sound of painfully slow dial-up signal connecting to the Internet is a not-so-fond memory.Thankfully, as more people found value in the Internet, technology took off to eliminate having to use the phone line to go online and instead delivered the faster connections to the World Wide Web.

  • The blogs and the websites: Fast forward a short decade later.Since the days of the dialup, access to the Internet is available just almost everywhere. It is very rare these days for the consumers to go into the coffee shop, library or any of the place of business and not be able to access the Wi-Fi signal. If there is not a Wi-Fi signal in the close range, most of the people still have access to the Internet via the cellular data connection on the smartphones and the personal hotspots, no problem. With this just anytime/anywhere access to the Internet, the businesses created the web applications to answer the common needs of the customers. These applications can just do everything from tracking the food portions to sending the massive amounts of the information in just a click of a single button.

  • The emergence of machine learning and artificial intelligence: With the emergence of the chatbots and the artificial intelligence, it will become very easy for the businesses to meet the customer requirements and change the way the technology works.

The future emerging trends that you must know about:

As more of the existing technologies are stacked onto each other and have developed into something really great, the consumers and the businesses alike can expect to see more of the opportunity with the future technology. Technology will be faster, have the ability to accomplish more and just everything will become more streamlined in order to make getting work done more easily.

How Technology Has Changed The Businesses Over The Years
Arpita Mishra

Associated with Nettechnocrats as a Senior Technical Content Writer, Arpita write technical contents for Nettechnocrats and Clients. She brings her years of experience to her current role where she's focused to her contents focused on balancing informative content with Google guidelinesbut never at the cost of providing an entertaining read.

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