The Importance of UI/UX for SEO - Beyond Content and Link Buildings

Search marketers are always right when they say “content is king” when it comes to SEO. While we are busy in generating great contents and backlinks, there is one more thing that we tend to completely overlook.

Perhaps, you've guessed it now, it is an aspect of how content is presented to readers. We are talking here about UI/UX which is an integral component of presenting or promoting your content on the web. The simple concept behind having a great website is to have informative content, enhanced UX experience with a well-designed UI.

1) SEO+ UI/UX is a great combination

SEO is a medium to target your potential customers and bring them to your website while the user experience (UX), is very important if you want people to stay on your page, and keep coming back. These both aspects are like a unified partner that business needs to work in tandem with them since one can't do well without other.

2) Graphics make your website more attractive

While most of the digital marketers are concerned with the content that places you higher in search results. The other aspect that we often give a miss is the aesthetics part. This concerns with how the content is made more impressive and informative to the visitors. The right image and graphics along with content make it more interactive and reach to the audience in a more positive way.

3) Responsive website

As more people choose to use mobiles, laptops, smartphones, and tablets, it is necessary to have a responsive website with the option to search for required information on any device. Along with this, the website should be simple, fast, visually appealing and load quickly, the visitor should not have any difficulties while navigating through it.

In case your website responds in a slow manner, a good number of potential customers will leave it to get another, faster option.

4) Call-to-actions on web pages

The call-to-action emphasizes on what a user is excepted or anticipated to do on your website. Additionally, these buttons help users find what they need. CTAs helps visitors to consume content they are searching by making it easy to access, increasing their engagement and in turn improving the conversions.

5) Personas and user paths

Create a persona for each online activity your visitors are going to make on your website. In the same way, user paths should respond to those personas in order to optimize the user's need. Each visitor to your website comes with a different query and keywords. The more personalized you make your website, the more visitors will be engaged with it.

Final words

UI/UX is an important part of your SEO. You should also work for your visitors and not only for the search engine guidelines. The more attractive and optimized website you will have, the more traffic and returning customers you will gain.

The Importance of UI/UX for SEO - Beyond Content and Link Buildings
Ruchi Joshi

Ruchi Joshi, AVP of Nettechnocrats stands for the forefront of the fast moving technology industry trend: digital marketing services. As the lead marketing strategist for Nettechnocrats, Ruchi has led several online marketing programs in Web Design & development, Search Engine Optimization, PPC Advertising, Online Marketing Campaigns, Social Media Marketing and more for companies. Currently, she manages Business Strategy and all Digital Marketing Strategy for the firm's top clientele.

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