Android Oreo vs iOS 11, which one wins the race?

Since the stupendous launch of Android Oreo in the previous year, techies are arguing to finalize that which OS dominates in the world of smart technology. The arrival of Android Oreo has initiated a cut-throat competition with the most popular operating system i.e iOS 11.

There is no doubt that users are gearing up to transform their digital experience with astounding features & other add-ons on their devices. In addition to this, the latest updates of iOS & Android Oreo are also justifying their augmentation for better user experience. Before carrying on this comparative analysis, let’s recall the major features of both OS versions:

Android Oreo

  • Excellent picture-in-picture navigational accessibility or video shrinking flexibility to experience multiple things at once.
  • Effortless copy-paste options with an integrated auto-selection feature. Meant for the selection a name, phone number, address, or business.
  • A fully-customized dot for notification specified for each application. Users will view all unread notifications on a dot that appears next to an app.
  • Auto-fill option to simplify the login process on third-party apps and more.

iOS 11

  • Compression technology to stores high-quality pictures in less space. Flawless editing of live pictures & videos.
  • Advanced AR technology to interact & experience the virtual world just by sitting at your home.
  • Set your own music system & play on your device
  • Quick payment options in iMessage via Apple Pay and more.

There are several factors to determine the winner in the war of iOS 11 & Android Oreo. However, this task becomes easier with a detailed comparison of features & usability. So, just take a look to judge that which OS is heading speedily in the race:

  • Voice assistant- Android’s Alexa & Apple’s Siri both are centers of upgrades with every new version. Google voice assistant allows you to identify objects & type all issues. Moreover, Alexa is more advanced than Siri in terms of precision, responsiveness, & knowledge.

  • Messaging- iOS 11 grabs more points with the introduction of Apple Pay, a feature that Android Oreo lacks. The availability of all-in-one messaging app is a big addon with iOS updates. On the other hand, Android offers standard messenger that requires installation by a user.

  • Speed & Multitasking- Apple’s upgraded features are limited to iPads. While Android Oero offers app-switching features & split-screen function with optimized battery life. Techies accept that Android Oreo is faster & more efficient than previous versions.

  • It’s quite clear that Android Oreo is taking a jump. No doubt, both operating systems are speeding ahead towards the competitive edge. In the midst of innovation & user-friendliness, both versions of Android Oreo & iOS 11 define their own concept of engaging digital experience.

    Android Oreo vs iOS 11, which one wins the race?
    Dev Bhushan

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