Know How You Can Convert Your Unhappy Customers In The Most Valuable Resources

A customer’s reaction towards your service holds a great value to your business. It because there is a standard formula that says when a customer is unhappy with your services or experience poor customer service they would tell to their friends and other people about the same.

At the time before the digitalization, mouth publicity was considered as the best way of publicity (of course today also it holds a great value), but if it goes wrong it was hard to rebuild it. However, with the advancement in technology, it becomes easy for brands and business to come forward, clarify themselves in front of unhappy customers, and convert them into happy clients.

However, it is evident that any good thing does not come easy, and it is perfectly true for businesses online. A single unhappy client can reach to thousands of people with his/her complain about your company. Their one post or review can influence your company’s reputation terribly. Sadly, bad things are more contagious than the good ones. Thus, it becomes a matter of great concern to convert these unhappy customers into a valuable resource by adopting various techniques, which can help you build your company’s good reputation online.

All this is important because almost 64% of the people in India look or search for business and services online. If they become your client and are unhappy with your service than a bad review or comment about your brand can actually cost you a great loss. However, this does not mean that your company can rebuild its reputation or convert is unhappy clients into a regular customer. Here are 5 ways you can adapt to rebuild your online reputation in a positive way.

  • Make Your Customer Feel Heard

No matter for what reason your customer contacts you whether it is related to working of product, fitness, or a repairperson doesn’t show up, etc. Make sure that you listen to your customer calmly and try to solve their problem with immediate effects. This will make the unhappy customer feel happy that you are paying attention to his query and will build a level of trust for your brand.

  • Make Your Unhappy Customer Feel Delightful

Remember there is always a way to make up with your customer. The degree, to which you go to make your unhappy customer a valuable resource, is what creates a most vocal publicity for your business.

Going out of the way to make your customer feel delightful, important and attended will help your business in magical ways. It is always not a customer who is at fault, and being a service provider your last aim must not sell a service but also satisfying customers. Remember, 75% of the sale from a business is through returning customers.

  • Protect Your Brand from Negative Comments by Controlling the Damage

The easiest way to increase the brand reputation is not just by assisting the customers but also by controlling the damage that has caused a downfall for your brand's reputation. Try to satisfy your unhappy customers with verbal communication. Address them with their need and make them feel that you are sorry for their loss and will help them in the best possible way.

  • Build a Positive Reputation

The other side of the coin says that an unhappy customer that has been transformed into a delighted one becomes more loyal. This creates an image among potential customer that if they have any problem while experiencing your services, then your executives will be there always to help them and support them in all circumstances.

This will help you build a lasting relationship with your customer and offer you with high-end mouth-to-mouth publicity of your brand.

  • Seize the Opportunity for Improvement

Your work is not over just by converting your unhappy client into a happy one, the main task starts after that. An unhappy customer is a valuable resource that tells you about the loophole you might be missing and provide important, honest details. All the information and details provided by these customers can be used to improve your business quality.

If you find this task a daunting one and feel like that you won’t be able to assist your customers due to other work commitments then don’t worry, you can hire an online reputation management companies or digital marketing agency who can handle your clients strategically well on your behalf. Hire an experienced service provider today and see your customers started liking you and your brand.

Know How You Can Convert Your Unhappy Customers In The Most Valuable Resources
Ruchi Joshi

Ruchi Joshi, AVP of Nettechnocrats stands for the forefront of the fast moving technology industry trend: digital marketing services. As the lead marketing strategist for Nettechnocrats, Ruchi has led several online marketing programs in Web Design & development, Search Engine Optimization, PPC Advertising, Online Marketing Campaigns, Social Media Marketing and more for companies. Currently, she manages Business Strategy and all Digital Marketing Strategy for the firm's top clientele.

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