Know about the latest web designing trends for 2019

The success of any website is based on its design, therefore staying current on web designing trend is very crucial for all type of business websites. After every few months, one can witness lots of changes in website trend in terms of popularity with algorithm updates, visuals, and best practices.

At the time a website that looks sleek and modern today look cheesy and outdated after few months. Therefore, to be on the top in the business one must know how to keep up with the business trend. Because 2019 will be all about delivering the best of the user experience, thus companies have to focus on delivering the best to the customers.

Introducing web designing trends for 2019


  • Speed

To leave a good impression on potential customers one must know that faster online interaction with them can be a plus point for their business. This means a website must load on the customer’s device in less than 3 seconds. So it becomes mandatory for a business to prioritize speed during the design process.

  • Flat Design

In 2017, for providing better website performance on mobile, developers and designers use to create a clean and simple website. This trend was marked as a revolution in the website development industry. Since then custom web Design Company started focusing on flat, clean and minimalist designs. Apart from this, a flat design website can also hold high SEO value, therefore, this will continue to be trendy into 2019.

  • Mobile First

Speed is not a ruler just for Google to measure website, but in recent years mobile phone searches have taken over desktop search. Therefore, to have a mobile responding website that load faster has become a necessity for business.

  • Broken Grid/Asymmetrical Layouts

In 2019, web design trends are all about thinking differently. Broken grid and asymmetrical designs are becoming a new favourite of the customers as they provide the astounding look, unlike most other website designs.

  • Shapes

As a middle ground trend between too simple and extremely chaos broken grid design, geometric shapes can bridge the gap. A designer can create an interesting edge with bright colours and simple shapes and establish a feeling of balance on a website. With the versatility to fit perfectly in large part of websites is why shapes have become a trend in 2019.

  • Single Page Design

When talking about web design in 2019, creating a website, which is high in Speed and minimalism in design, is a major reason why single page designs or pageless designs are trending. Instead of multiple service pages, developers make a single page design from websites that can easily accomplish advanced SEO techniques and provide simplicity.

  • Video Backgrounds

Designers and developers are surely looking to creating a website with minimalist, quick-loading, flat design trends, but nothing is able to eliminate video background trend. Video backgrounds are still incredibly popular as a trend going into 2019 as they have been shown to increase conversions.

More compelling then text these video designs can be sleek and modern as long as they are short, mute and are of high quality. A video background can do a lot of branding and attract a huge customer base.


  • Micro-Animations

A powerful way to provide an intuitive and satisfying experience to your user is Micro-animations on your website. These small animations on your site will the user understand the site and validate them when they mouse over or click on an element. This is done by changing the colour of buttons when the cursor moves on them or expanding menu when a visitor clicks on a hamburger.

In the web design industry trend, micro-animations are here to stay to create an enriching experience on the website and engaging them with visual hierarchy.

  • Chatbots/Machine Learning

Since 2017, many big businesses have evolved the way they use to interact with their customers using Chatbots. Interacting and communicating with bots has become more and more normal on the website and digital media. Leverage the benefits offered by Chatbots and micro-interact with your customers using this form of AI.

A well-experienced and technologically sound website designing company can help you create a trend-oriented website for your business. You can get a custom design website build for your brand according to your needs and requirements. Contact the reputed website designing company today and get a trending website for your business.

Know about the latest web designing trends for 2019
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