The major factors you need to consider while building the Android App

Many businesses have mobile apps at their top to do lists, but while churning out a quick app is straightforward, developing a strategic application or digital solution is considerably more complex.

So, smart planning is necessary. Here are some important points to consider when building Android mobile apps.

Research and Pilot Phase Building an app is no different, conducting in-depth market research helps you to obtain valuable insights into the current market scenario and competitors. This stage also involves lots of trials and errors occur to identify clearly what problems Android app developers are trying to solve.

Concept Phase After making your market research and finalizing your goals, it's time to create a foundation for the Android app development process. Clearly present your ideas to your developers, define its functionality, prepare a specific document including the app's features and the business logic. For doing this, it's best to get the help of product managers and professional developers.

Wireframe There can be different representations of the same idea. You may go to a developer with a mental image and your developer might get a different representation of the same idea. It is always best to start with the wire-frames as they define the features and functionality. Wireframes ensure that there will be not any issues related to feature and functionalities, popping up in the future.

UI/UX Design If you fall in this, your entire app is a failure. The UI/UX designing is so crucial that it is one of the deciding factors is the success of an app. This part is said as one of the crucial stages because 99% of time people don't come back to apps that are not user-friendly and appealing.

Client-Side And Server-Side Programming This stage is complex and requires the input of both developers and designers. The client-side coding deals with UI/UX while server-side programming deals with support software- SQL Database, middleware, APIs, etc. here, you would require help of an app developer with front-end and backend coding expertise that includes different points responsive design, software development kit (SDK), Java or Kotlin programming languages, system of Gradle build, Android Studio, and server-side and database administration and scripting.

Publishing and Distribution For your app to feature on Google Play, you need to set up a Google Play Publisher account. Publishing of app comes at the last after you've tested your app for quality, UI/UX, and compatibility.

Conclusion It is easy to build an app, but it takes substantial effort to build one that the users appreciate. By following the above-mentioned points, you can be sure of getting a wonderful end product.

The major factors you need to consider while building the Android App
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