Mean Stacks or Lamp, Which One Dominates in the Race of Web Development?

The process of web development binds up multiple steps & techniques to come up with the exceptional product to engage techies. In the midst of designing & customization, the majority of developers juggle with project timeline, client's requirements, methodologies, & usability of a digital platform. However, which programming language is more preferable for fruitful web development is still a big question for startups.

Developers bring several options with a plethora of programming languages to code an interactive website leveraged with the innovative features. Though Mean vs Lamp stacks both are the most obvious set to be used by web developers, the discussion between their cut-throat clash is still on.


The MEAN stack combines MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, & NodeJS that are used to simplify web development process. Incorporating these free programs not only makes coding easier but also brings down development costs.

On the other hand, LAMP is a match of popular open-source programming languages named as Linux, Apache, MySQL, & PHP. Though the world is familiar with these popular sets of programming languages, many enterprises prefer them to go for their projects.


When it comes to MEAN, developers majorly go for this stack due to flexibility in the web creating process. Express.js & Node.js together offer the opportunity to integrate user-friendly features to a website alongside seamless accessibility to its server. With an excellent flexibility to data storage, MEAN allows effortless transfer of data from a user to disk farm.

While LAMP offers a set of open source programming languages that go well with the developers need for building robust websites. It’s a single stack that holds programs based on OS, web server, data storage, & scripting technology. JavaScript users opt for this stack to achieve their goals for profit-driven web development.

Wrapping it up!

Although using LAMP to work for back-end & front-end is quite easier, MEAN allows the reuse of JavaScript codes for both the client & server. At last, it can be said that MEAN is right for JavaScript users as it defines the scope for data retrieval & deployment while LAMP will be the best choice if you don’t prefer Java.

Mean Stacks or Lamp, Which One Dominates in the Race of Web Development?
Honey Mehta

Honey Mehta holds a position of Technical PHP lead at Nettechnocrats. Currently, he is handling a team of passionate PHP developers alongside syncing his dexterity in design, development, & deployment of websites & applications. His brilliance in the PHP programming language reflects core expertise & strategic scheduling for project delivery.

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