Pointers To Define The Projected Impact Of Google Assistant On SEO

As the upgraded Google’s AI assistant feature rolled out in 2018, the ever-expanding web world witnessed a sudden shift to AI-first user experience. With numerous updates like the addition of title tags on images, infinite scrolling on Google mobile browsing, & more lining up in a row, the introduction of a more powerful version of Google assistant enthralled the entire digital marketing industry.

Highlights of Google’s updated AI voice assistant

The worldwide techies are upbringing their own concepts & tactics to take the best advantages of Google’s AI assistant. Though it is capable of performing all major functions of a voice assistant, this feature-packed AI tool resembles its existing competitors that popular as Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, & Windows Cortana.

  • From voice searching to showing results for nearby locations, Google assistant simplifies all device actions with a voice command.
  • All devices or gadgets are compatible with Google Assistant. From Google Home to Pixel phone & Android 6.0+ devices, this AI assistant runs uninterruptedly on all.
  • Users can command Google assistant for bookings, playing music as per moods, web browsing, getting weather updates, searching motivational quotes, etc.
  • Being based on AI technology, Google Duplex aims to converse similarly as humans do & that’s why it responds precisely to execute particular tasks. In other words, Google’s voice assistant is developed for clear conversation for transparent communication.

How Google assistant affect SEO strategy?

Google’s digital assistant is unarguably the most prominent factor behind a dramatic change all major SEO techniques. Meant specifically for voice interaction, the arrival of Google assistant revolutionized the concept of rankings on SERPs, web searches, online traffic, & other factors as defined for search engine optimization. Just take a look at the below-described pointers for a deep analysis of Google assistant’s impact on SEO:

Speech recognition to empower search accuracy

Though digital assistants run on voice input, there will be a huge impact of users’ language when search requests are made. Many people use local dialects & their own accent with changing geographical locations. Many times, voice assistant showcases wrong searches due to failed speech recognition that is quite frustrating if it happens repeatedly.

Although Google brought it own English word recognition, digital marketers must refine their SEO strategies to appear on top searches by Google assistant.

Voice search to push the mobile-friendly digital experience

  • Therefore, it simply means that you need to optimize your app or website to make it accessible across all sized-screens. In addition to this, a digital marketer must prioritize SEO strategies specifically in the context of use of a smartphone for the majority of voice searches made.
  • Either a user is booking a restaurant table for dining or for movie tickets, if your online platform is mobile friendly then your SEO strategy will stay on the right track.
  • Though voice search demands mobile optimization to let you rank on a top of every browsing result, SEO experts can rely on its speed & hassle-free experience associated with it. Here comes the need to make mobile-first indexing steps for getting organic traffic via searches made by Google assistant.

Voice input to raise long-tail keyword conversion rate

Whenever a user types certain words to make Google search, they use common terminologies or local words to come up with the most relevant results on search engine. Around 70% of the queries or search made on the Google come from its digital assistant and interestingly they reflect local language.

Though Google assistant is far more conversational & precise than its competitors, there is no doubt that it is revolutionizing overall circle of SEO campaigning. In other words, it serves an opportunity to target long-tail keywords that are more considerable specifically when searches are made via voice inputs.

Ending Notes

The conclusion for Google assistant’s impact on SEO strategy defines various pointers favoring the prominence of mobile-friendly approach to succeed in the world of technology. Therefore, digital marketers must fold their sleeves to refine their SEO skills to step in the right direction!

Pointers To Define The Projected Impact Of Google Assistant On SEO
Ruchi Joshi

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