The Pros And Cons Of Kotlin Over Java in Android Application Development

The introduction of the Kotlin has brought up a number of the questions. Where did it actually come from? Should the already successful applications that are written using traditional stack adopt some of the recently popularized programming language?

Specializing in the developing products for Android and iOS, we will like to help the business owners and the key executives make the informed decisions regarding the brand-new technologies. To do that we have carefully weighed the cons and pros of Kotlin programming language.

But before we get down to the business, let us shed some light on when and where the Kotlin appeared.

What is Kotlin and where did it actually from?

  • Kotlin is one of the statically-typed open-source programming languages generating the code that can run on Java virtual machine. It was developed by the Jet-brains. The name comes from Kotlin Island which is situated near the St. Petersburg, Russia.

  • While syntax of the language is not compatible with Java, which was generally used to develop the apps for the Android platform, it can inter-operate with the Java code. In the other words, the code written in the Kotlin works with the Java as well as it does natively.

  • Kotlin uses an aggressive inference to determine types of expressions and values if they were just not clearly stated. It makes language all the more more distinctive from Java which sometimes requires the repetitious type of the specifications.

What are the advantages of the Kotlin?

So you might want to consider switching to one of many modern programming languages that are designed to run JVM. While there is no shortage of the languages that compile to the Java byte-code, there are a very few factors that make the Kotlin stand out from crowd:

  • Interchangeability with the Java language: One of the Kotlin’s greatest strengths as the potential alternative to the Java is the sheer level of the interoperability between Kotlin and Java—you can even have Kotlin and Java code existing side by side in same project, and everything will still be compiled perfectly. In fact, once the mixed Java and Kotlin project is compiled, the users will not be able to tell which parts of the project are written in the Java, and which parts are written in the Kotlin.

  • The easy learning curve: Kotlin aims to be an enhancement to the Java, rather than a complete rewrite, so many skills you have honed and acquired throughout the Java career should still be applicable to your Kotlin projects. Kotlin is also designed to have a gentle learning curve for the Java developers. Java developers must find that most of Kotlin syntax feels really familiar.

  • Combine the best of the procedural and functional programming: There are currently a number of the programming paradigms that are in the widespread use, but when it comes to question of which approach is best, there is no easy answer. Each of the programming paradigm has the own set of the strengths and the weaknesses, so while there is no shortage of the scenarios where the functional programming has an advantage, there are also a plenty of the problems where the procedural approach is really more effective.

  • First class android studio support: Kotlin is developed by the Jet-brains, the company behind the IntelliJ—the IDE that the Android Studio is generally based on. It is no surprise, then, that the Android Studio has an excellent support for the Kotlin. Once you have installed Kotlin plug-in, the Android Studio makes the configuring Kotlin in the project as the straightforward as opening a few menus.

  • More concise code: If you compare the Kotlin and Java class that produce same results, the one written in the Kotlin will typically be much more compact and succinct than the one written i the Java. And as the every developer knows, less code means the less bugs!


There are also some disadvantages of the Kotlin over Java language. Being very close to the Java, Kotlin still differs in many of the aspects. Thus, a certain learning curve is involved for the developer who wants to switch the languages. Thus, the additional investments in time and training will be required if you decide to move the Android development team to the Kotlin.

  • Some developers report the slower compilation sped as one of the main disadvantages of Kotlin. However, the results of the multiple tests are mixed: In some of the cases, the Kotlin beats Java in the compilation speed, but at times, it is significantly slower than its predecessor.

  • While the Kotlin is rapidly growing in its adoption as the first class language for the Android, it still has a small developer community. This leads to the limited resources for learning language and makes finding answers to any of the questions that may arise in process of the app development difficult. For instance, searching for the Kotlin on Stack-overflow returns just over the 3,600 posts tagged with the Kotlin, compared to the 1,000,000 Java-related posts.


All in all, we do not see an urgent need to switch the whole of the tech stack just yet. The professionals of the renowned organizations are continuously monitoring any of the technology their clients, and they will continue to follow the Kotlin’s development closely. If you need to receive the personal consultation regarding proper technology choice for the Android development, you must contact the renowned service providers. Make sure to contact them for the best of the services always. Always check the reviews before you hire anyone. This way you can find the best organization.

The Pros And Cons Of Kotlin Over Java in Android Application Development
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