All About The PUBG Mobile 0.10.5 Update: Snowbike, Mk47 Mutant assault rifle and much more

The new PUBG Mobile update 0.10.5 will bring a submachine gun called the PP-19 Bizon, a new assault rifle called as the MK47 Mutant, a vehicle called as the Tukshai and much more.

The Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has recently received quite an update which has its origin from the Tencent. The recent update has brought in the popular Vikendi Snow Map. Now, this particular game's developer is all set to launch the new January update and One of expected highlights of the upcoming update is possible Zombie game mode for the PUBG mobile. Other than that, not lot of the information on a rumored zombie mode has been revealed until now.

Apart from this, this new PUBG Mobile 0.10.5 update will bring a submachine gun called as the PP-19 Bizon, a new assault rifle called as the MK47 Mutant, a vehicle called as the Tukshai and much more.

Let us look at some of the major features all one by one in detail:

  • The Zombie mode: The PUBG Mobile had released the Zombie mode teaser of PUBG Mobile-Resident Evil 2 crossover at a PUBG Mobile Star Challenge. With the new leaks suggesting an addition of the zombie mode, means that it can finally make the way to the game later this month. The PUBG Zombies mode is just going to be quite unique when compared to existing modes of a game as you cannot get or just use any kind of the weapons. The zombies are not allowed to use or utilize the customary weaponry; rather they have a quality in the numbers and will solely depend upon the huge volume to dominate the enemies.

  • Mk47 Mutant assault rifle: The update is also been speculated to get the new MK47 Mutant weapon, which is the new Assault Rifle that uses the 7.62mm bullets. Mk47 Mutant assault rifle offers the single and the burst fire modes and has the round of the 20 magazines. There is also a new weapon attachment called as the Laser Sight, which takes up the slot on lower rail. It improves the hip-fire accuracy, making it ideal for the run-n-gun type of situations.

  • The new classic voices: The new update for the PUBG mobile will bring the classic voices when you select the voice in quick chat settings. It will even allow you to chat with the friends in some of the new classic voices.

  • The Rickshaw: The new vehicle called as the Tukshai is basically called as the auto rickshaw more famously called as the Tuk-Tuk in the other Asian countries.

  • The new emotes: Among the other changes coming to the PUBG Mobile, are some of the new dance classic voices, emotes and the death cam feature, where the players can replay their death actually.

  • The snowbike: Snowbike is a multi-purpose and a versatile vehicle that will allow an individual to slide down a snowy terrain to chase their opponents or just enjoy the snow jump and the flips.

  • The Vikendi weather: The new update will bring in the Vikendi Moonlight Mode, alongside Snow and day weather. The official PUBG Vikendi trailer had some of the glimpse of the Vikendi night mode.

  • The latest weapons: G36C & PP-19 Bizon: The PUBG's new update 0.10.5 will bring 9mm submachine gun called as the G36C weapon and PP-19 Bizon.

There are very few of the examples of when the other latest weapons can be really more useful than the assault rifles. The only examples are when you are given the chance to take down the player in just one single shot. The only chances of this particular happening are with the snipers at the long range and the shotguns at an extremely close range.

Hopefully, the information provided in this guide has proven to be very useful to you. Hope, this helps you to know more about the PUBG mobile game.

All About The PUBG Mobile 0.10.5 Update: Snowbike, Mk47 Mutant assault rifle and much more

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