Python VS PHP- Which Is Better For Application Development in 2020?

With a continuous emphasis on web and mobile application development, 2019 has all been about the customer-centric and responsive application and the same continues in the year 2020. Companies around the globe look forward to selecting the most appropriate coding language for creating a website.

With dozen of great languages to get the perfect application development in the present year, the description in this blog is all about PHP VS Python. This is because both these languages are dominating the market in the current trend. Read this article and get the correct answer for which is better to choose for application development in 2020-Python VS PHP. 

Python VS PHP is a major comparison that companies seeking website solution always check. Just like the last year 2019, this year (in 2020) it is expected that web and mobile application developed using Python or PHP will continue to dominate in the market. Among many languages, these two languages are giving each other a tough competition.

Python VS PHP Battle for Developers


Python VS PHP has become an interesting point for developers. Both Python, as well as PHP developers, brings down the positive sides by favoring the language. But the fact is when it comes to seeking the service for a business, the two languages again remains the question “which one to choose” Python VS PHP?

There is no doubt that IT firms like Nettechnocrats and others keep various things in mind to equally offering Python as well as PHP web development. Some of the major things IT firms including for both the languages are:

·       Ease of use

·       Best developer community to develop customer-centric PHP or Python website development

·       Superior framework for both

IT firms and developers together provide the best service. With the base of the service, it is predicted that the entire 2020 will be about innovation where the type of projects will decide whether to choose Python or PHP.

Python VS PHP is seen to have many differences in many fields. Even there are a few fields where these programming languages are seen to be similar.

Python VS PHP-Characteristic Features

The computer language to use for developing a website requires passing a few characteristics. The important characteristics of a language must have are:

·       Ease of installation

·       Efficiency

·       Price

·       Library support

·       End-to-end web solution

·       Environment management

·       Data analysis

Simple Syntax

Python provides ease where users can code without having to bother about syntax. At a place where Python offers better reliability of written code PHP posses more difficulty in this aspect and this is the reason, Python is a proffered choice.


A well-written application is backed by a clean code that is highly efficient in terms of performance and memory usage. These things seem like a technical concern, away from the eye and attention of customers. A slow application that takes time into responding to the user and providing the desired result can create bad reviews in the market. Hence, with a better avenue for writing a well-planned code that produces a more efficient result, there is a need to choose the most efficient programming language.

With a better avenue for writing a well-planned code that produces a more efficient result, Python is better than PHP. In short, it is more efficient because Python is well-constructed to accommodate consumer market in developing out the best.


Management of website development is an important concept. At a side where PHP has the original manager, Python management is no longer actively maintained. To manage the development process well, PHP it quite ahead from Python.

Data Analytics

Python is the widely used language that creates clear code and delivery accuracy with precision to the users on the other hand PHP code cannot be easily traced.

End to end web solution

Companies need to choose a language that offers end to end web development and it is a tie between the two leading languages of 2020 because of their good concept, rapid development features.

Ease of installation

Python is seen to have installation challenges while PHP can easily be installed on various platforms. Python and PHP are two different programming languages used for rapid application development. Both these programming languages have differences in terms of FFP (features, functionality and performance).PHP got its design as a server-side scripting language for web applications and this is the reason it comes with built-in web development features.

Speed to the market

Time is the new currency that sets a business on the path of success. In the digitalized world, businesses are looking forward to speeding up their business journey using a digital platform and good programming language website development.

There are various languages to choose for going digital and getting speedy in the market but people are usually seen opting either PHP or Python. For those who are confused about which one to choose, he or she must go to the fact that Python is much faster than PHP. However, PHP programmers can easily enhance the speed of PHP applications by installing a system.

Python VS PHP- Performance and Learning


Without any doubt, Python is much easier to learn this is because it is a general-purpose programming language. Beginners can easily learn the fundamentals.

PHP, on the other hand, is not meant for general purpose. This is because its designing was specifically for the more complex web applications.

As a result, learning PHP is seen to be a bit complex than that of Python.

Python VS PHP- Community support

Both these programming languages are known to have excellent community assistance. PHP is in the market for quite some-time and this is the reason it has a huge pool of support.

Similarly, Python has good community support. Hence, no major differences can be seen when you come to check for Python VS PHP for community support.

Python VS PHP- Documentation

Extensive documentation is available for both programming languages. There are numerous websites whereby basic tutorials for both these programming languages can be found. But a true Python or PHP developer can be someone who has the core knowledge.

Nettechnocrats have a strong team of both PHP and Python. The team works to provide the customer with customer-centric website according to their need.

Cost for service-Python VS PHP


Python and PHP website development services usually cost equal. At a place where the price for Python web development can be high, the same service provider might offer PHP web development at a low cost. This usually occurs because of the difference in need. There is barely a difference in the cost for the two when it comes to the service.

Support and service-Python VS PHP

Both the programming languages are seen to have excellent support from the service providers. No matter what package a customer chooses service providing IT firms always take the utmost care of the customer and provides the best assistance.


In today’s world, PHP and Python are two most proffered server-side languages by the business. It depends on the customer and their requirement of what to choose. Python is flexible while PHP is restricted in some way; both these programming languages have the best features in the current year 2020 and are expected to happen the same until any other programming language do not come to compete in the market.


Python VS PHP- Which Is Better For Application Development in 2020?

Sanjeev is the founder and CEO of Nettechnocrats. Sanjeev has become a consistent leader with a reputation for tenaciously protecting his clients' interests. He has built a prestigious image in his pursuit of excellence, winning the trust and confidence of customers and industry partners. Connect with him on LinkedIn to know more about his futuristic business ventures.

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