A Quick Introduction to Different Kind of Sensors Used in IoT Applications

The Internet of Things is one of the most advanced technological topics discussed today. Around us, there are smartphones, wearables, and other smart devices, all of which use sensors. Nowadays, sensors are playing a crucial role in our everyday life and in IoT. Sensors monitor our health status, air quality, home security and are widely used in the industrial Internet of Things to monitor production processes. In this article, we will discuss some of the common uses sensors in IoT and what are their usage.4

Temperature Sensors

These sensors allow an IoT device to measure the temperature of objects and function according to it. After installation, these sensors determine the temperature of the given object and surface using different methods. Moreover, these devices always not need to be in physical contact for measurement, they can also detect it through Laser and IR.

Applications: Thermostats, HVAC system environmental controls, food processing units, medical devices, chemical handling, etc.

Proximity Sensors

A proximity sensor is used to detect the presence of objects without any physical contact. In order to sense objects, the proximity sensor radiates or emits a beam of electromagnetic radiation, usually in the form of IR lights and senses the reflection to function and they can sense 2D or 3D gesture, UV index, even heart rate. The most common examples of these sensors are Si114x and Si1102 used in IoT.

Applications: Proximity sensors are largely used Retail industry, as they can detect the motion. Another big and quite an old use-case is vehicles that help you in reversing your car. Apart from this, they are also used for parking availability in places such as malls, stadiums or airports.

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Optical Sensors

Optical sensors are instruments which are used to convert optical images into digital signals. The major use of these sensors is found in digital cameras for years. These sensors mainly work by detecting electromagnetic energy and then sending the results to the processing units.

Applications: The major use of optical sensor is found in digital camera & modules, medical imaging and night vision equipment, Biometric & IRIS devices thermal imaging devices, media house, etc.

Pressure Sensors

A pressure sensor is used to sense the pressure of a liquid, gas, etc and convert them into an electric signal. There are various devices which rely on liquid or other forms of pressure. These sensors make it possible to create such IoT devices that can monitor systems and devices which are pressure propelled.

Applications: Pressure sensors are used in touchscreen devices, weather monitoring devices, in the maintenance of whole water systems and heating systems, etc.

Humidity Sensors

Humidity is the amount of water vapor in an atmosphere of air or other gases. Sometimes, it is necessary knowing the humidity of the environment alongside Temperature for better operations. Sensors like HTU21D and NPA-700 are used to measure humidity instantaneously, and when there is any sudden change, actions can be taken accordingly.

Applications: Some of the major applications of these sensors can be found in thermostats and other weather-related IoT Devices along with museums, industrial spaces, and greenhouses, paint and coatings industries, hospitals & pharma industries to protect medicines.

Accelerometers, gyroscopic sensors

The accelerometer is a transducer that is used to measure acceleration, vibrations or tilt of an object. While the gyroscopic sensors are used to measure the angular rate or angular velocity, simply defined as a measurement of the speed of rotation around an axis. Some IoT sensors such as ICM-20628 have the ability to detect and measure both, acceleration and angular velocity.

Applications: Accelerometers sensors are highly utilized in pedometers, anti-theft devices and levelling while Gyroscopic sensors are used mostly in the 3D mouse.

It is clear that IoT has become quite popular and current trends make sure that it is the future. It is very helpful in the automation of any process, making systems more useful for regular consumers and businesses both. Depending on the requirements, IoT Devices have several other types of sensors as well as touch sensors, sound sensors, etc.

A Quick Introduction to Different Kind of Sensors Used in IoT Applications
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