Reasons why software development companies prefer more Laravel framework

To provide the functionality or solution to the particular problem area, we need the framework. There are lot of frameworks are developed for every programming languages to make a low-level API easy to work. One of them is Laravel Framework.

What is Laravel?

Laravel is a free and open source PHP web framework that was developed by the Taylor Otwell. It is mainly structure that provides the capability to choose and create the program on it. The main objective to develop the Laravel framework is to reduce the cost of initial development and improves the quality of code by defining the industry standard design practices. By using the Laravel, you can save the time of developing the web application and reduces the thousands of lines of code in comparison to raw PHP.

Reasons why Laravel web development is consider the best PHP framework.

1. Easy to get started- The first reason why Laravel is best that it is easy to start and through this, you can easily develop the 4-5 pages in an hour. Still, this is not only the reason there are so many other reasons why you should choose the Laravel.

2. Open source- The Laravel is the free and open source framework that will allow to develop the complex and large web applications easily. You just only need to install the XAMP server or WAMP server on your system to run the PHP code.

3. Emerging quickly- According to the Google Trends, the Laravel framework considers the best and most used framework. It can handle the extremely big projects easily due to which many of the companies have already adopted this framework.

4. Follows MVC- The best thing about the Laravel is that it based on Model-View-Controller (MVC). It has plenty of built-in-functions that helps to increases the performance and provides the better documentation.

5. Secure in Nature- Laravel frameworks provide you with some of the essential things that will make your web application more secure. The Laravel ORM uses the PHP Data Objects (PDO) that helps to prevent the SQL injections.

6. Migration of Database- Migration is one of the best features that are provided by the Laravel Framework. It will allow you to maintain the data structure of application without re-creating it. The migration will allow you to write the PHP code instead of using SQL to control Database.

7. Testing is easy with Laravel- As we know that testing is very important to find out the bugs and errors from an application before it is available for end users. The Laravel will provide you easy testing facility through use of unit testing. The Laravel runs many tests cases to ensure stability of application.


From the above, it concludes the Laravel is one of the best frameworks in industry, which has the fewer chances of getting fail. This framework is effective and promises to create the more opportunities.

Reasons why software development companies prefer more Laravel framework
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