The 10 best new features of iOS 10.3 that are making it more popular among iPhone users

Apple's third beta release of iOS 10.3 is one of the most important updates of iOS 10 version, which holds the promises to fix bugs of all the early releases. Enhancing the operating system experience for all the users has been always the focus of the Apple company. This time is no different.

The Basics

The iOS 10.3 comes with a 319 MB update. An additional feature has been incorporated in the settings menu that outlines the details about the iOS compatibility with the installed applications in the iPhone. This allows an iPhone app developer to get an instant insight into the compatibility of the application that is being used with the iPhone’s iOS version.

Finding AirPods

On the other hand, AirPods users are very happy with the release of “Find my AirPods”. With this, AirPods users can easily find their misplaced Airpods. As this feature works through Bluetooth only, users will only be available to locate when their iPhone is in the range of Bluetooth signals.

Updated Siri

Apple introduced this advanced special feature, especially for cricket lovers. AI assistant Siri understand that cricket is one of the favorite sport of many and people want to know the score. The updated Siri provides you scores of the cricket matches. Moreover, it also helps you to book the Uber rides in the advance and pay the bills. And if you happen to use automaker apps, Siri even allows you to check your car’s fuel level, turn on the lights and activate the horn simply by asking.

App stores get better

Now the updated store allows the users to rate the apps they are using. This new tactic allows users to express their experiences through review and rating without switching to the app store. This specific process helps companies to understand all aspects of users, and subsequently making it better. Moreover, the app developers can also respond to the reviews, and make it like a forum.

Custom app icons

This new update is for the iOS developers only, allowing them to modify the app icons without updating the app. Along with this, they also assure to not to misuse this feature.

Easily manageable Apple ID profile

The root level i-cloud section is relocated to the top of the list and now appears as a neatly unified view bringing all your Apple ID account information and allowing you to update all your information, set up family sharing and check all the devices connected to your Apple ID.

3D touch & weather forecast

This iOS 10.3 release allows users to view the weather information on the map in a seamless manner by using the 3D touch and bring up the hourly weather forecast or by pressing little harder it shows the detailed weather for the specific location in the stock Weather app.

Clear Cloud View

This new update allows users to draw a clear idea about their cloud storage from the setting menu. It also provides details about the types of the files being stored and list down the files which are taking up most of the storage space. This update is really helpful for entrepreneurs to decide which files to get rid of for freeing up the storage space.

Mega-prize for Version users

The Verizon users can now use any iCloud-connected mobile device to answer Wi-Fi connection calls. Earlier this feature was available only for T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T users.

Although to activate this, customers need to use mobile phone tab to the settings and start Wi-Fi call.

Updates for Carplay

CarPlay's apps now support for ChargePoint electric vehicle stations. Moreover, you can now quickly get back to your recently used apps without going back to the home screen as this app now provides you a quick shortcut at the left-hand side for launching your favorite music, navigation, and messaging apps.


Undoubtedly, iOS 10.3 is loaded with some great features and this is what makes it popular among the iOS users. Apple is always giving more surprises to its users through its new awesome features and so we can assume that in coming time we will get more advanced features that will make our life more simple and easier.

The 10 best new features of iOS 10.3 that are making it more popular among iPhone users
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