The 4 Main Essentials Of An AI Chatbot That Make It More Intelligent And Sharp

Just a few years ago, having a conversation in human language with any machine was universally a frustrating and comedic process. But, today the scenario has been completely changed. Although having natural language processing (NLP) and recognition is hard, thanks to machine learning algorithm it's getting increasingly closer to a point where it will be harder for anyone to tell that whether we are talking to a computer or a human.

All the businesses are making their full focus on this, with promoting personalized experiences, more and more intelligent chatbots are being built to engage users and improve brand image. That said it is a rarity to find a live intelligent chatbot, also called as AI chatbot. As the thought of chatbot springs up, we all know that it is not human for sure. What we know is that chatbot brings a human touch. For that to become a reality, it is crucial for chatbots to be intelligent. It is the intelligence that gives power to the AI chatbot to learn from conversations and handle every situation that comes it's the way.

How to determine if a chatbot is intelligent?

Bots are not smart by default. These have the capability of showing some level of artificial intelligence by leveraging some advanced technologies such as machine learning, big data, natural language processing (NLP), etc. Find out what factors make the chatbots intelligent and capable of simulating human-like conversations.

Contextual Understanding: Understanding the context in a single statement is one of the most challenging aspects of AI Chatbot. To gain a better perceptive, a bot needs to analyze inputs like date, time, conversation tone, sentence structure, etc. After that, these variables are analyzed to enable bots to understand the context in conversation.

Coherent responses: Achieving coherence is another hurdle that a chatbot needs to cross. To make a human-like conversation, a chatbot needs a tone and dialect for communication such as a human. The communication with the bots needs to be consistent in terms of language and style. A chatbot can't communicate in a different ascent or tone. In order to meet this, it is necessary to plan a character for the bot and stick to it while having a conversation. Getting this coherence in bots is really complicated especially when it needs to communicate in audio along with the text.

Learning abilities: It is very common for a chatbot to ask multiple questions from the user to know about their preferences. This is fine for users as well, but if the same questions are asked to you every time you try to communicate with a bot, then it will become irritating. Also, we humans have a habit of continuing our conversation from the point we last theft of. Thus, machine learning abilities are expected to be the same if a chatbot is considered to be artificially intelligent.

Generative responses: A chatbot is designed to work easily in a predefined conversation flow. In general, there is no need for this predefined flow for AI chatbot, but it becomes complicated to make these flows in case of open-end conversation. An AI chatbot is designed in a way that it can look for solutions to user’s queries from different sources like the Internet and prebuilt datasets to provide the correct response.

Do you want your own AI chatbot for your business?

Now, when we are well-aware with the facts that make a chatbot intelligent the next step is to estimate your requirements. A chatbot can be intelligent in different ways and as good as Siri. One thing that you need to keep in mind that the more complex chatbot is the time and money also increase in its direct proportion. So, it's necessary to define your requirements before making your intelligent bot.

The best way to do this is to analyze your goals. If your AI chatbot means to solve some specific problem, it is better to go for predefined communication flows. Doing this will save your resources and money as well and ensure a high conversion rate. On the other hand, if you want to engage your users on a plethora of topics then opting for AI chatbots is the best idea. However, it is good to be limited and specific in the communication of chatbots. Once you notice a positive ROI in the usage of your bot then its good to eventually increase the scope and intelligence.

The 4 Main Essentials Of An AI Chatbot That Make It More Intelligent And Sharp
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