The 5 iPhone app development trends to watch out for in 2019

With rapid technology development, Apple is completely set to take-on and drive the mobile technology boom. And, for 2019 and beyond, Artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), Machine learning and Augmented Reality (AR) will continue to run the world. With the release of iOS 12, businesses will certainly of iOS 12, businesses will certainly eye for leveraging the latest trends in iOS development from one of the innovation-led organization. iOS 12 holds all the best of Apple features like face recognition, enhanced security, and cloud integration to make iOS more competitive.

With this blog post, we are providing you here some of the latest web development trends of iPhone app development.

Focus on App Security

The very first aspect that comes in mind about app development is security. The main focus of Apple is on the concept only which made it difficult for the hackers to break the security hence that has to make the iPhone the most preferred choice among enterprises globally.

Also, Apple has made ATS- App Transport Security mandatory for all new apps to make them secure. Every year iOS provides compatible and updates security approaches so this year 2019 will also be no exception.

Augmented Reality

The AR interface helps to interact with the displayed MAP using its new patent applications so that Apple Maps can help users to navigate unknown or unfamiliar places using their iPhones.

Swift 5.0

In 2019, it is equally important for the iPhone app developers the updated that Swift 5 will bring. The latest version of Swift 5.0 will bring ABI- Application Binary interface that will help to embed the Swift libraries with the run time while iPhone App Development.

Apple Pay Integration

In the current age of mCommerce, the mobile wallet has become a norm. There are too many apps in the app store that require a premium version or payment gateway integration for in-app purchases for both iPhone and iPad development services which include an integration of Apply Pay, a digital wallet.

Apple Pay wallet is supported by iPhones, iPods, Macbooks and Apple Watch which supports multiple payments such as food delivery, ticket booking, online shopping, and bank transactions. Owing to a secure digital wallet, users can save valuable details of their card details.

Machine Learning

The newer version of Core Machine Learning will lay a foundation for creating Apple's future-ready hardware products. It is assumed that Core ML 2 will enable the development of feature-rich, high performing, responsive and interactive iPhone and iPad apps.


An excellent idea can lead to a successful app. If you're looking for similar functionality or a groundbreaking app, hire a dedicated team of developers for the iPhone app development.

The 5 iPhone app development trends to watch out for in 2019
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