The 7 most common mistakes you're doing wrong while web application development

Web design and development can be difficult to master.

When it comes to creating a design that boosts conversions and generates revenue, many businesses continue to struggle. It is necessary for a business to have an appealing website as well as make money.

It's still a common mistake for a business to focus on a design that looks good rather than focusing on its conversion rates.

Although with a consistent effort, it's easy to improve these mistakes and it starts with identifying each of the mistakes that hurt your website.

Let's take a look at those mistakes:

Responsive Design

Responsive design has been listed as the most important feature of a website. That's pretty big claim to make, but it makes sense when you understand that responsive design makes your website easily accessible to all the visitors regardless of their device.

No Favicon

Many website visitors prefer to use a lot of cabs while they're browsing. Some people leave the tab open to view them later. Favicons are like a small icon which is generally used in all modern browsers at the address bar, in the bookmarking area and browsing tabs. They give your website visitors a visual cue to return to your tab while they’re browsing.

Generic 404 Pages

404 page is silent traffic killers. In this condition, most of the users don't even try to take positive action to solve your problem. Most simply, they hit a back button and leave your website.

Slow Website Speed

If your web page takes more than 4 seconds to load completely, then it's too slow. The slower your website, the more likely a user is to bounce. What makes it more complicated is the fact that slow website speed also impacts your rankings.

The Website Doesn't Follow Design Norms

Users always expect to follow design conventions. If your visitors do not get the navigation bar or the search function, you'll lose them. Make sure you always include as many as design norms are possible while your web application development.

Content Is Not Focused

Inexperienced content marketers focus on creating content that is focused on their business and how great they are. This goal ignores the visitor's requirement, interests, goals, or problems. Doing this decrease the credibility of you & your website and make it harder to turn visitors into potentials.

Navigation Mistakes

Animated navigations- anything that rolls, flashes or bounces, or moves while your visitors are trying to find the answer to their question are conversion killers. Visitors spend their time in finding the navigation instead of looking to answers for their questions. Most visitors hate doing this and abandon the site.


This is not a comprehensive list, but it's a starting point if you're looking to invest in web application development. Creating a website is easy but it is also necessary to create a website that helps you make money. Keep in mind all the mentioned points and getting a website design is not rocket science.

The 7 most common mistakes you're doing wrong while web application development

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