The Major Chatbot Trends For The Businesses In 2019

The developmental trends of the year 2019 suggest that chatbots will be prepared to match human behaviour and offer similar services.

Today’s world has also gone corporate. More and more of the consumers are raising an inclination towards the use of the chatbots. The conventional services by the humans come with their own set of the limitations. This is not an issue with the chatbots, thanks to wide range of the services and the 24 x 7 availability.

One other field in which the chatbots are now ahead of human beings is in terms of intelligence. Due to a significant advancement in the machine learning and the artificial intelligence (AI), chatbots have gained an edge over the conventional services in terms of the intelligence.

According to the predictions, in most of the consumer based services, the implementation of the AI chatbots will witness some sort of increment. The developmental trends of the year 2019 suggest that chatbots will be prepared to match the human behaviour and offer similar services. The customer services in the majority of the industries and firms are supposed to be carried out by the chatbots in a more efficient manner.

The most predicted trends for development of the chatbots in the business include:

  • Providing the more human-like experience: If we talk about the personalized customer experience and the services similar to those offered by the humans, the chatbots are no far behind. With advancement of the machine learning and the Artificial Intelligence in today’s world, the chatbot services are becoming more human-like and very impeccable.

  • AI chatbot applications: If we speak of the mobile and the desktop apps, those interfaces powered by the AI and run by the chatbots have a capability of providing quick access and flawless delivery of desired data at a constant beck and call of the users.

  • Revolutionizing the Consumer tech: onsumer tech is another field with the wide scope for development of the chatbot services for the business. We are already familiar with working of the chatbots in the field of the business to some extent. Google Duplex is the platform that has already begun the progress of the chatbots in the consumer tech, thus building the solid foundation for a new strategy.

  • The convenient virtual assistants: Nowadays, many of the smartphone users are downloading such of the apps as the virtual assistants. The applications are now very easier to use. Now, the automation of any kind of the customer service is easily possible, thanks to an ability of the chatbots to combine the various applications into a single task meant to accelerate the growth of the business.

  • Quick problem solving solutions by the chatbots: Ifan individual needs immediate clarifications for the queries, they can achieve them via the handheld devices such as the smartphones, tablets, and the wearables such as the smartwatches. Besides these, the smart TVs are also emerging as one of greatest integrations with the voice assistants such as the Apple’s SIR, the Amazon Alexa, and the Google Assistant besides the handheld and the wearable devices. Luckily, the users, today do not need to wait in the lines or stay on hold on the phone calls due to the integration of the chatbots and the virtual assistants with their devices of the daily use.

  • The chatbots are already under implementation: Unlike the popular opinion that paints merely the future picture of the AI, it has become a thing of the present. More and more of the businesses are on to progress the development of the AI for their prosperity. Better chatbots mean better time-saving solutions and cutting the labour costs. Although due to the scarcity of the contextual awareness, the chatbots can lack in some of the areas. But there is always the scope for the improvement and the better chatbots can be built that has a potential to transform the human lives for good.

Chatbots are those technologies that have all the power and means to revolutionize the way we live and how the businesses operate. The common man can avail the better lifestyle and the businesses can focus on gaining better returns on their investments with the help ofAIand the AI chatbots taking the care of other aspects.

The Major Chatbot Trends For The Businesses In 2019
Faraz Amir

Faraz Amir, currently heading sales management team, specialize in helping companies build scalable and high-performance sales organizations. Using a wealth of management experience garnered during his career, he helps his clients identify their goals, key financial issues, and other areas of concerns as well as managing their pricing to ensure business success and profitability.

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