Top Chatbot  Trends in 2019 that you must know about

With the emergence of the year 2019, the digital world seems to be taking a dramatical shift with the new SEO trends, PPC marketing, and other stuff. Some of the digital marketing strategies and trends There are many new digital marketing trends that are coming up this year with the many features that you must definitely know about. Chatbot technology is the new talk of the town in the year 2019. Since, it is based on the Artificial intelligence and involves interaction with the humans, the chatbot technology seems to be in demand more. To get an insight of the new chatbot marketing trends, read the article to know them for yourself:

  • The bots will be replacing the mobile apps: It is estimated that by the year 2021, more than 50% of the businesses will spend more of the revenue on the bot creation and bot development than the traditional mobile applications. Many clients prefer interacting with the chatbots as they are very responsive, give the answers promptly, accurately recall the entire buying history, and never lose their patience. The virtual assistants offer an outstanding customer service, meeting the customers’ expectations and automating the repetitive tasks – which means that the individual can focus on more important work.

  • A very interactive and enhanced conversational user experience: An excellent conversational UX helps the users reach the goal in the shortest time with the maximum end-user experience. Also, an user does not have to learn anything new to converse with the chatbot and gets the required data by asking bare minimum number of the questions. As the AI powered chatbots, the virtual assistants, the natural-language interactions etc. are expected to be a next big thing in the communication world, the need for the seamless, natural and the human-like conversation between the man and the machine is rapidly rising. To simplify, the conversation user experience can be defined as the way the users experience interacting with the chatbot or an intelligent assistant. This builds a solid persona and makes the tone sound very neutral.

  • There will be an emergence of the chatbot-powered app interfaces: The Chatbots enables an instant access and the delivery of information at just the command of the users. This is way better than using most of the app UI’s, wherein finding an information is often like finding the needle in a Haystack. More of the businesses will recognize the advantage of adding a chatbot in their website. The chatbots will offer an excellent user enagegement and will even boost the conversion rates.

  • There will be a virtual assistant instead of the application: More and more of the smartphone users are installing the apps as they have become more mature. Now they prefer the applications that are useful and very easy to use. The Chatbots can combine multiple applications into just one business task and the customer service automation.

  • The chatbots will provide quick problem solving solution to the users: If you need some immediate clarifications for the queries you can achieve them via the hand-held devices such as tablets, smartphones, and the wearables such as the smartwatches. Besides these, the smart TVs are also emerging as one of the greatest integrations with the voice assistants such as the Apple’s SIRI, the Amazon Alexa, and the Google Assistant besides wearable and hand-held devices. Luckily, the users, today don’t need to wait in the lines or stay on hold on the phone calls due to the integration of the chatbots and the virtual assistants with the devices of daily use.

  • The chatbots will also help in the recruitment process: Chatbots are also helping in other regions that involve the human resources. In this case, the chatbots are becoming part of creating a more efficient recruitment process. This includes asking students questions during first round of the reviews. Besides doing some of the talking, the chatbots can review and search information about every candidate online to personalize the questions and seek out the deeper answers that save the recruiters a lot of time.

The above-mentioned are some of the chatbot marketing trends in the year 2019. Chatbots are the new human and they are here to say more than the humans do! Hire someone who offers you the chatbot development and offers great solutions to all your business issues.

The top AI chatbot development company like Nettechnocrats help in developing the smart chatbots on the different channels to elevate your brand. You can hire such companies for the chatbot development and get the best of the service always. They can assist the clients to build the chatbots which will provide the unparalleled experience to the customers and automate the collaborations tasks.

Top Chatbot  Trends in 2019 that you must know about
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