What types of apps are shortlisted by Awwwards Jury?

The application development market is a highly competitive one and in order to stand out of the pack you need to uphold not just ingenuity and creativity but think out of the box to develop something really worth the praise. It takes only less than 3 seconds for a user to decide that the application provided by you is worth their interest. Therefore, it becomes important for you to create a good design and feature rich app to hold the interest of your users.

If you are confident that you have a well-designed, highly functional mobile app, then you are all set to participate in the Award competitions that recognize and rewards best practices in mobile app design. In order to get shortlisted by awwwards jury, you must meet the optimization criteria that Google and Awwwards have established in their Guidelines.

If you are an application developer, who wish to create an application that gets shortlisted for awwwards 2019 entries’ then here are few important rules of app development that one must follow in order to get shortlisted.

Important Rules for App Designing

No matter you are into Android or iOS app development, the best app is the one that wins the heart of the users. Therefore, designers must put themselves in user’s shoes and do some research, before building the app. Here are some app design rules one must follow to design the best app.

  • Follow the 4 Pillars of Interaction Design:


With so little space to work with, creating a strong, uncluttered app is possible if a designer develops an app on these four pillars:

  • Goal-Driven Designs

You must understand the concept of the app for whom you are designing it and who will be the target. In this way, you will be able to develop a goal-driven design for the app.

  • Usability

To make your app usable, you must design it in a desirable manner, the interface of your app must be accessible and usable enough for novice users. It must also be creative to hold the users for a longer time.

  • Function Familiarity

Use indicators in your app to help the user identify common functions in the app. This will help users to know what to do and how to do it without overthinking.

  • App to User Response

There must be a response to everything that user do, whether its completion of a task or missing it. Notification must be a provider in for of simple sound or beep.      

  • Know your User

This is one of the key points to consider because without knowing your user you can’t predict good design for them. An interactive and goal driven design within the user's expectations constraints is a good way to go.

  • A Wireframe for the App is a Good Idea

Start managing data you have gathered in reference to your targeted user. These frameworks have to be very basic and up to the mark so that they can be reiterate easily whenever required.

  • Your Design must be for Fat Fingers

It is always frustrating for people with fat fingers or fat thumbs to use applications that inaccurately interpret their touch. Therefore, making a finger-friendly app that allows enough space for any type of user to use every button or feature, must be a concern for a designer.

A designer has to keep a perfect balance during android app development, so that it does not feel difficult for a user to use or make them feel awkward with big buttons and loses its significance.

  • Weed Out the Clutter

When it comes to UX design the 3-tap rule is a big no, one must focus on reducing the number of taps requires to reach from Point A to Point B. This will help you weed out unnecessary screens and let you build a seamless application by reducing the amount of work for the user.


Like every other app that is shortlisted by awwwards jury, your application must also be quick and efficient to appeal the targeted users. This is the secret behind award-winning applications designs.

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What types of apps are shortlisted by Awwwards Jury?
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