Why Should we use the Python Language for Machine Learning Web App?

A question we get asked a lot is:“What is the best programming language for machine learning?”

Here in this blog, we'll explore this topic in brief.

Ultimately, the choice of preference depends upon a lot of factors like personal preference, ease of coding, developers availability, etc. Although the skills and knowledge of developer matters are more crucial than choosing any language, still business leaders have to choose one for outsourcing the project. With so many forums and discussions online, the problem is not always solved. One is left with a host of advice but no simple actionable advice. Thus, we are going to justify one i.e. Python for a machine learning web app.

Why choose Python for Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

The growing popularity of Python as scientific language allow it to enter into some of the most complex and popular processes like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), natural language processing, etc. here are factors that justify why to choose python:

Less Coding:

AI involves a lot of algorithms. Python provides ease of testing- one of the best among competitors. It helps in easy writing and execution of codes.

Prebuilt Libraries:

Python has different libraries for every need of your machine language project. Some of them are Scipy for advanced computing, Numpy for scientific computation, and Pybrain for machine learning. These dedicated libraries save a lot of time of developers.


It is one of the core advantages of Python. With the availability of both options i. e. OOPs, and scripting, it is the best choice for every process either it's a back-end or linking different data structures together.


Python is a completely open source language with a great community. A host of available resources allows the developer to get speed in no time.

Platform Agnostic:

Python provides the ability to provide an API from an existing language which indeed provides extreme flexibility. With just a few changes in codes, you can get your app up and run in a new OS. This helps a lot of time in testing on different platforms and migrating code.

All the above-mentioned points are the main reason why Python is one of the best languages for machine language.

Why Should we use the Python Language for Machine Learning Web App?
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