When to hire a web development company to redesign your website?

It may be hard for you to admit that your website is ugly or it's not up to date or not performing well. But chances are, read out this article to know that the time has come to redesign your website or not?

Pulling the trigger on the redesign is no easy process. However, if your site is not showing year-over-year growth then chances are that you are long due for an overhaul. The goal of any eCommerce website is to convert visitors into customers and if your site design and or structure is a barrier in that, it needs to be fixed. Identifying the problems that hinder your site from bringing in more conversions and visitor engagement is an important step in the right direction.

High Bounce Rate

If your website has a high bounce rate like about 40-55%, then it's high time to update it. A high bounce rate on a website means poor user experience. If a visitor does not have a positive experience on your website, he/she will surely visit another website, causing an increment in your website bounce rate.

Takes longer than 3 seconds to load

If your website takes longer than 3 seconds, you should update your site to speed it up. One study found that nearly half of visitors abandon websites that don't load in 3 seconds or less, while a separate study found that every additional second to a website's load time resulted in 7 % fewer conversions.

If it lacks basic On-Page SEO

To rank your website on Google, Bing and other search engines for relevant queries, including your business's brand name, you must perform on-page SEO. Each page should have a unique title tag describing the main focus of the page. The title tag is an HTML element that's displayed in browser tabs when the page is opened, but they are also used by the search engines to create listings. By creating the unique title tags, you can customize the way your website is displayed on Google and Bing by creating unique title tags.

If the content on site is not fresh

Without fresh and intuitive content, your website will struggle to attract and retain visitors. In a study, it is founded that businesses that create 16 new pages of content in a month attracted three times more traffic and businesses that created mainly 4-5 pages per month.

Fresh content increases your site's exposure in search results, improves the overall quality of your site, and it compels visitors to stay and return.

It doesn't function properly on mobile devices

Statistics show that three in five of all Internet users who visit a website to do so from a mobile device. If your website doesn't function properly on mobile devices, however, it's higher chances that users may abandon it. You can make a responsive design of your website to make it compatible with many devices.

So, if your website is also not working well, it's the right time to hire a web development company to redesign your website and get the desired success without wasting a lot of valuable time and resources along the way.

When to hire a web development company to redesign your website?

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