Who Is A Full Stack Developer And What Skills He Must Have?

Full stack developer has become one of the most desired positions in the Information technology domain. The boom in this area has led to the flourishing of both webs based and in-class training centers, which help individuals become a full stack developer.

Who exactly is a full stack developer?

When people hear the term full stack developer, they typically picture someone in a web development role who is skilled in coding both the front end and back end parts of a web application. A full stack developer is not expected to be an expert in all areas pertaining to the front end and backends. The developer needs to be knowledgeable in all the technologies involved and should be able to understand the process happening with the entire application.

What skill sets are required to be a full stack developer?

Technical skills

A full stack developer needs to have knowledge about the following technologies:


The web is built on these technologies. HTML is the tool that helps developers input some content into a website and CSS is a designing tool used to alter the appearance of the web applications. Both are essential tools that a full stack developer needs to have knowledge about them.


This technology is a must knowledge for any full stack developer required in both front-end and back-end processes. Browsers are built on the JavaScript can be used as a server-side language as well.

Backend technologies

After mastering HTML/CSS and JavaScript, a developer needs to learn at least one language used for cooling backend processes. The functions occurring in the backend of web applications are database operations, user validation and logical process.

Full stack developers are expected to be able to create, query and manipulate database with ease. There are different technologies to choose from, ranging from SQLite to MongoDB to Oracle. Along with this, it will be great if a developer holds knowledge of some frameworks specific PHP ones, like Zend and Symfony, or Ruby on Rails for Ruby; or Django for Python version control software like SVN or GIT; and Linux.

The backend developer also needs to learn about catching and key-value stores, queuing systems, search engines and more.

Non-technical Skills

Apart from hard-core technical skills, a full stack developer must be a good team builder who binds the team together. It is hard to be a versatile polyglot if a developer is not capable of speaking as well as the same way of thinking as the frontend and back-end teams. It is the best way to eliminate silos from the workplace and every team member works hard to get the product rolled on time.

A full stack developer should be aware of all the business dynamics they work in. This means that a deep understanding of customer needs must be the enduring directing power behind the plan of the item.

As with any programming job, it is imperative to have soft skills for the enhancement of the overall personality of a developer. Strong communication is no longer an exception- it is vital for full stack developers that help them to bridge an information gap between the front-end and the back-end developer.

In conclusion, the journey to be a full stack developer or hiring them might appear difficult but the experience makes the process easier. Moreover, upgrading your skills and understanding all aspects of the project will make you an indispensable part of your company.

Who Is A Full Stack Developer And What Skills He Must Have?
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