Why is Python better than PHP?


These days, Scripting languages became increasingly popular in web application programming and is continuing to grow. In this blog, we try to find the differences, advantages, and drawbacks of the two most popular languages nowadays: PHP and Python. No doubt, both have their lobby and support, so it inevitably raises difficulties to determine objective facts that satisfy a scientific approach. Python & PHP, both languages will be distinguished concerning history, popularity, community support, performance, readability, & usability in web application environments. There will be a conclusion where we'll recommend a language based on the programmer's and users' needs. 



These days, applications have become an essential part of every business. Applications are termed as an excellent way for businesses to reach their potential customers & clients. It is not just beneficial to the industry but also for users too. 

There are numerous programming languages available to create websites and web apps. The two most famous and popular language among web developers is Python and PHP. The battle between these two programming languages doesn't seem to end soon. This is because both are robust and in great demand, and each of them serves a different purpose.

What is Python? How is it different from PHP? Is Python the perfect choice for Web App Development? Which one is more suitable to give you the best results in your development time? And is it truly the future of web app development? 


Today, we will cover it all. We'll compare & let you the differences between two of the best: PHP vs. Python. 


Let's dive in!

Reason to Choose Python over PHP- Python vs. PHP



PHP was initially released in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf. The PHP Group developed and implemented this language. It is exempted under the terms of an open-source license. 

In 1991, Python was originated by Guido van Rossum. Initially introduced as a general-purpose fully-featured language, and later was adapted as a web scripting language. Python & PHP both have a robust open-source background, and documentation is freely available online.




If we compare in terms of popularity, no doubt, PHP is the clear winner. As of February 2019, PHP technology has a 62.72% market share, whereas Python only has a 0.68% market share. The difference is enormous! This percentage doesn't mean PHP won the battle of which programming language is a better option.


Readability and Usability-

Python will probably be the most well-known to former C-programmers and follows a very classical approach. And also, it is extensively documented. The reason for it's the developers' preferred language is a small set of keywords, and strict indentation rule does the job quickly. Because of the enforced program structure, Python has the most readable syntax of the three languages. Fortunately, PHP is also a readable language because most programmers are much familiar with C-based syntax.


Libraries Support:

These days, there is a massive demand for the backing of Machine Learning web application development. Python comes with many pre-built libraries and holds various machine learning libraries such as Theano, Pandas, Learn, Kera, Scikit, etc., whereas PHP possesses only one library- Packagist. Hence, this the main reason that specifies Why Python stands apart from PHP in the IT industry.


Community Support:

Fortunately, Python & PHP both have tremendous community support. According to the Stack Overflow survey in 2018, Python has a massive share of 38.8%, while PHP only has 30.7%. Furthermore, it is also stated that "Python is the fastest-growing major programming language." This percentage proves that Python holds a more promising & bright future. 



Final Message: Python VS PHP

Python is a quite popular language among developers. In 2019, it was declared as the top programming language beating even the original coding language-Java. 

According to Stack Overflow, Python is the fastest-growing programming language worldwide, and it will continue to grow even faster. It is considered a very universal, stable, easy to learn, and most versatile programming language for building enterprise-level projects. 

According to Statista, Python was the most sought-after programming language among software developers worldwide, focusing on code readability. These days, it is quite popular among web app developers. It allows them to build the most complicated web solutions using fewer lines of code. It also favours modularity and code reusability. On top of that, it's free, open-source, and has a vast community of developers.


All the above points prove that Python triumphs over PHP.


Why is Python better than PHP?
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