Yandex Introduces Its Own Smart Speaker Alice That Communicates Russian

Yandex, a Russian Google controls around 65% of search engine market share in its home country and has spread out into practically every other software category imaginable, so a smart assistant was a bit of no-brainer.

Russian search engine Yandex has presented a savvy speaker, making the company’s first foray into the world of hardware. The company’s smart speaker, called Yandex station, is designed to compete with the likes of Google Home, Amazon Elexa, and Apple HomePod.

Yandex speaks Russian and comes featured with a voice assistant called Alice. The smart speaker is capable of fetching information on request, streaming media, ordering food and other actions consumers come to expect from a smart assistant in 2018. With everything taken into account, this Yandex station features over 4,000 skills.

While the official declaration, Konstantin Kruglov, director of experimental products at Yandex, said, We are excited to bring our intelligent assistant from mobile devices into the Russian home. Our smart speaker offers Russian user the benefits of a highly localized intelligent assistant, unique options for audio and video assistant with superior sound quality.

However, it is only capable of streaming media from Russian video streaming services, for example, KinoPoisk and Amediateka. With that said, when Yandex Station launches this mid-year, it will probably just be available in Russia with cost the equivalent of $160 USD, including a premium subscription to Yandex’s music, streaming, and taxi services.

Yandex Introduces Its Own Smart Speaker Alice That Communicates Russian
Arpita Mishra

Associated with Nettechnocrats as a Senior Technical Content Writer, Arpita write technical contents for Nettechnocrats and Clients. She brings her years of experience to her current role where she's focused to her contents focused on balancing informative content with Google guidelinesbut never at the cost of providing an entertaining read.

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