We were approached by the client with requirement of developing a real estate company website providing solutions to homeowners, buyers and renters to close a deal on their home without assistance of real estate agent or broker. 

Project brief:

Beycome is the first and only real estate company and listing platform that realizes 100% of your home transactions online; helping homeowners, buyers, and renters close a deal on their home, without the assistance of a real estate agent or broker. In turn, by cutting out agents, this saves homeowners from paying the 6% commission fee involved in a home sale (or 10% commission fee due in a rental transaction). And when the owner saves, buyers and renters get more negotiation power for a better deal.


Our team was approached for developing the same and as a result of hard work and dedication we were successful in delivering the website within the estimated timeframe. By listing on beycome.com, homeowners were able to receive all the resources used by the real estate industry needed for a successful close. From the marketing tools of yard signs, flyers, business card, property photos, videos, and lockboxes, to the more pragmatic tools like executive legal contracts, home offer generation tool, applicant screening reports and comparative marketing analysis tools

Challenges :

  • Content Management System
  • Seamless user experience
  • Data Security
  • Internet usability

Technology and Tools

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