Cloud Migration Services

Make a confidence move to the cloud with Nettechnocrats.

Cloud Migration

With cloud migration services, you can easily migrate your workloads from strategy to execution with zero business disruption. Our migration services help you to do all this with less risk and cost.

Infrastructure Migration

Whether you're relocating to a new office for downsizing or up-sizing, migrating to a better data operator center, or even moving your entire operation out of the country.

Data Migration

Your data migration to the cloud needs a careful planning and preparation. From discovery to ongoing management, we help our clients by offering end-to-end cloud migration services.

Platform Migration

Having good hands-on experience in developing and migrating applications on several leading platforms, we help you to understand and make better use of the options available across cloud.

Application Migration

Most of the firms have a keen interest to get out of the data center business to cut their costs. We provide the fastest and cost-effective way to migrate your application platforms to the cloud.



Tailor-made cloud management

We don’t just migrate and leave. Once successfully transferred, we can set up a tailor-made support agreement for regular upgrades and maintenance to your specific cloud services.

Fine tuning for cloud: testing

Testing application quality is high priority in a cloud domain. With different levels of services and different performance attributes, we put your apps through stringent testing to improve performance.

Deep technical skills

Our developers have knowledge of many different technologies. This puts us in a unique position to deep dive into your cloud services to maintain interactions with other systems.

Security and compliance

Not all apps belong in the cloud. We work with you to ensure that whatever path you choose, compliance with your industry regulation and governance standards are not compromised.

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