Developing a Mobile Wallet Application
for all types of Payments

Sending money and handing over the cash required physical presence. However, in the present time, millions of people are adopting digital wallets, and the earliest adopters of the new form of money have great chances to grow practically.

E-Wallet App

Mobile wallet and its Type

Locked, semi-closed, and open mobile wallets are categorized into three major types: eWallet or mobile wallet.

Closed wallet:

Closed wallets are connected to a broker or private business where you can only buy money directly from a single trader. One may not move money from these wallets to your bank account. Some of the example from the closed wallet is Amazon Pay and Ola Currency.

Semi-closed wallets :

Many traders may use Semi-closed wallets to manage their payment gateway deal. You can receive money into your bank account in semi-closed wallets, but you cannot withdraw the money as money. Paytm, Freecharge, and Mobikwik are examples of wallets like these.

On the other side, available wallets are not confined to the two others. Such a wallet shall also be issued by or to a third party directly by a bank. Any purchase can use the money in the pocket, and users can withdraw cash from their account. E.g., PayPal and Vodafone M-Pesa are mobile money wallets.

With many types of eWallet options, there are vivid needs of client and customers. There are many firs that offer and fulfill the eWallet development needs, but if you are thinking to consider the best, add Nettechnocrats IT Services to your list.

Perks of using
Nettechnocrats eWallet

Locked, semi-closed, and open mobile wallets are categorized into three major types: eWallet or mobile wallet.

  • Handiness


    Mobile wallets developed by expert developers at Nettechnocrats allow users to handle their phone's financial aspects from different angles. You can check your accounts' balance, monitor expenses, give money to friends and relatives, pay bills, or buy. The budgetary function continues to draw thousands of years in total. Although cash spends are impossible to manage in case cash falls from the bank after you spend them. Ultimately, in this case, a mobile wallet helps people trace all transactions, so thousands of years of financial control arise.

  • Rapidity


    Another significant perk of choosing Nettechnocrats developed eWallet is the speed of purchases. A mobile wallet customer will pay by quickly checking his mobile device rather than waiting for a shopkeeper to count the changes or a credit card terminal to process payment. This is also a benefit in terms of customer billing. Users can quickly pay for a taxi via an app in a couple of seconds, rather than spending time on their destination to find the right cash.

  • Security


    A moving wallet is better than a physical wallet and developers at Nettech make sure to offer a more secured eWallet. Notes or coins may be stolen from an unattended left physical wallet, while various layers of protection secure smartphone wallets. If you rob a cell phone, you need to deviate a key code for accessing it. And new initiatives such as multi-factor authentication, tokenization, and biometric verification make the mobile device much safer than discussed in this report.

  • Recognition


    Millennial ordering from a cellular wallet that is not open to those paying cash will often take advantage of incentives such as cash return or customer loyalty points. These incentives function as a credit card scheme; however, as explained above, paying from a mobile wallet is much faster and simpler.

  • Included payment options for e-wallets

    Included payment options for e-wallets

    It is necessary to establish which mobile wallet that you have chosen to create an electric wallet. In addition to the payment process, the functions built into your mobile app would also influence the mobile app's overall development.

  • Bluetooth


    This way, you can classify all your friends nearby to make payments. The Bluetooth technology helps to speed up and secure all e-transactions.
    These innovations continue to develop and go hand in hand with a current consumer base.

  • Codes for QR

    Codes for QR

    QR Codes are also one of the most frequently used applications. You may use the QR code to interact with people you regularly encounter or with people in your social network or workplace. Scanning the QR code of a person's mobile is the only prerequisite of this system. Thus, the transaction process is fast and straightforward.

  • App for Billing

    App for Billing

    This is the best way to pay for business needs only when your e-wallet application is created. Your organization will work efficiently with local retailers and other firms. Huge transactions are secure and fast with a custom-tailored smartphone app, and no third party is involved.

  • Logging in

    Logging in

    Today, an E-wallet driven by a block chain is the most innovative trend for online payments because of its robust protection. The benefits of blockchain have led to strong demand for blockchain software companies in India.
    The government and financial institutions often use these types of smartphone apps when they need to invest huge volumes now and then.

Advanced & Strong
E-Wallet Mobile App Features

Using the latest technologies and our expertise, we deliver robust custom Mobile Wallet Application that serves your specific demands.

What are the Design
features of an e-wallet?

Nettechnocrats design and development feature makes sure to leave no stone unturned. Hence, they provide the following features:

Easy login for User

As for other applications, Nettechnocrats makes sure that your customers must log their account with a compulsory notation. They must use the email ID and telephone number of your customers. The user gets an authentication code, and his performance is registered upon entering the code.

Any e-wallet applications often use KYC to protect the movement of funds.

Bank Account Linking

Customers must connect their bank account information to the e-wallet from which they can make transfers and other payments in the next step.

Their card data, such as the number of CVV and expiry date, have to be added and hence you can offer secured bank linkage.

Include funds in your deposit

The choice of adding more money to the wallet must be given. In the wallet of the respective bank, you may add capital. It is mirrored in the wallet after this amount is applied.

Fund conversion or receipt

Fund conversion or receipt

You may use the e-wallet to transfer cash to someone by typing the receiver number or scanning the QR code. Optionally, you should transfer money using NFC or beacon technologies. Similarly, payment can be obtained.

The Passbook e-wallet

The Passbook e-wallet

An E-wallet passbook is essential so users can track their history of purchases. Also, the filter option can be used to check a lot.

Return capital to the bank

Return capital to the bank

The e-wallet app also provides an added alternative these days, where you can refund money to your bank account unless you keep extra cash in your wallet.
Also, every app has a monthly wallet limit.

Payment or refill of the bill

Payment or refill of the bill

The E-wallet software allows you to pay your essential bills as quickly as possible, such as power, water tax, and mobile accounts. Also, the same program will recharge your cell phones or Internet broadband access.

Insurance payment

Insurance payment

You will pay the insurance premium on time for the application. The payroll and sales tax will also be charged using an application. The eWallet for ecommerce when developed includes insurance payment as well. This absolutely depends on the client.

Discount deals and discounts

Discount deals and discounts

As the market level has risen, you must offer deals and incentives to draw more buyers. The products under a 50% discount, etc., will be seen as individual categories under the name cashback deal.

In case you wish to offer discount, you can ask Nettechnocrats team to include discount deals or discount.

Rating and assessment

Rating and assessment

Now that you ask the customer to score your application service and verify if the user is pleased with the incentives and agreements. This is a significant function. You will change your services for the better based on the results.

To get the real time information about the eWallet usage, the leading Indian IT firm makes sure to add rating section for quick and effective assessment. In case you do not wish to add rating section you always have the option to skip this.



The order history reveals all orders made with the e-wallet app by a customer, whether they pay the bills, book a movie ticket, or buy an item. He has ordered an object, which you must sign, the order status, and the time it is shipped in this situation. E-commerce systems work this way.

Choosing the vocabulary of choice

Choosing the vocabulary of choice

It would help if you had several different languages to allow the consumer to choose their mother tongue or mother language.

It would help if you incorporated language choices based on the area of your primary target audience. For example, all of the vital regional languages other than English and Hindi must be applied to Indian customers.

Round the clock Support

Round the clock Support

This is one of the critical features that bring the wishes of the customer into consideration. If you have some billing or other operation issues with your clients, you must assist.

If you have a virtual chat service to communicate with your clients, it would be recommended. You can ask the eWallet developing company in Noida to add help and support section for your customer’s assistance.



This is an advertisement feature or mechanism to query or urge consumers to circulate the word for your submission, provided for each purchase through lucrative deals and attractive discounts.

Referral section brings perk for the business and eWallet developed by Nettechnocrats have this section.

App Setup

App Setup

Application settings are also crucial as they allow the user to tailor the software to his needs. This includes settings for accounts, settings for payment and authentication, etc.

The word cash-in-hand is outdated with a dramatic change to digital payments. The financial and economic industries have revolutionized e-wallet software. In past years, we have all seen how the smartphone app e-wallets grow in this era of information and technology. You can choose to recruit Nettechnocrats IT Services. They will allow you to create a secure mobile e-wallet app to give your customers an enjoyable experience and optimize benefits.

E-Wallet App Development Samples

We have served 2500+ clients globally and completed 4200+ projects for them. Checkout some of the best Mobile App development case studies here:


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Strategic Process Of
E-Wallet Application Development

Here are some of the steps that can help you in understanding the working of the eWallet app development process



Gathering requirements
Understanding app’s goal
Project schedule



Design wireframe Design implementation More options UX/UI evaluation



Gathering requirements
Understanding app’s goal
Project schedule



Unit code testing
Fixing bugs
Final touch
QS & testing



UAT & feedback
App deployment
App store launch
Project deliver

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We would strongly suggest Python or NodeJs or Java for backend for ewallet app development. React/Angular can be used for front end. Databse would be casandra.

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