Today, the student community have been moved to digital spaces and expect information that can be made available, beyond the typical regular route. A website is their first step to initiate a further interaction with an academy or institute. An increased number of colleges and institutes have now acknowledged the need for a sophisticated website that can reach out to the genius mind in an easy yet a pleasing way. With the declined revenues and soared administrative costs, institutes are looking for cost effective solutions.

Our education portals are best-in-classhigher education website

Multi-device accessibility- The web is being served on different devices, each with different screen sizes, requiring different display sizes and content layouts. All the educational websites are focused on responsive web design that means, to be accessible on the different web based device.

Uninterrupted information through easy navigation-A professional education portal simplifies information exchange for students, staff, and faculty by enabling the ease of use and constructed information flow.

A platform, not just a portal- The precisely designed portals offers a seamless experience to its users. The portals also include structure content and work streams so that blogs, forums, wikis and other related processes function at their peak efficiency.

Our education portal design and development services help you get the most out of your online presence. By partnering with Nettechnocrats, you're sure to get an educational website that looks great, functions well and is poised for a tremendous success. Started with website design and development services, we Nettechnocrats have mastered ourselves in e-learning website development as well as education portal development. By studying your way of working and requirements, we design and develop a well-planned website or portal that provides all the crucial information to students, faculty, and alumni. We assure you to make an effective online presentation of your education system to attract an audience and make them find it easy to understand your education services.

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Fully editable Pages, Fast loading, Google Analytics, Integrated IDX, Interactive Map Research, Easy-to-save multiple search, Agent lead routing, Lead capture forms.

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