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Email marketing is an intricate art- each mail has its own specific function, audience, and business goals to attached it. That's why it's important that when you're planning your email campaigns, you work with an expert email service provider and marketing automation tool that understands the nuances of each marketing email type and provide you maximum benefits of email marketing.

Email Marketing is all about creating a conversation with your subscribers and reaching them on a personal level. Being a leading email marketing agency in India, we tailor our email marketing solutions to ensure they work effectively in your campaign. Our experts always make sure to develop customer-centric email templates, keeping in mind the different preference of guidance.

Key Features Of Our Email Marketing Services

Powerful Automation

One of the key features of our B2B email marketing services is fully featured automation. The fully features automation allows you to send personalized emails to your list when someone subscribes, subscribes or on any special occasion.

Complete Management

Import all your email subscribers lost from excel or CSV file. Our email marketing solutions offer you list segmentation facility for different tasks such as greeting emails, custom subscribes/unsubscribe confirmation page.

Clean, Elegant And Custom Design

Small details such as personalization can go a long way to make your customers more engaged with your brand. We always utilize simple and easy to use yet attractive templates that enable you to create more personalized emails and improve reader engagement.

Strategic Timing

Timing is one of the most important factors in building up loyalty. Our email marketing programs are designed to send emails at specific date and time which are always proved to be very helpful for sales, events and holiday greetings.

Responsive Email Designs

All our email templates and layouts automatically format themselves to fit with the recipient's devices. Responsive email templates assure that your emails look great and respond well on every device whether it's web, smart-phone, or tablet.

Excellent Support

We always assure to provide you real-time support while offering your email marketing services. Unlike others, we love to speak to our customers and provide 24/7 accessible chat support + email support + phone support for any support campaign request.

Why you need an effective email marketing service?

Wide reach to the audience

Even though the user base of social media channels has been growing rapidly, the number of email users is far more than social media channel. You need an email address even if you want to sign up Twitter or Facebook account. So, there is no doubt in the fact that email has a wider reach than any other social media channel.

Preferred Communication Channel

When it comes to professionalism, emails are the most preferred way of communication than any other social media channels. Social media is more about hanging out with friends and family to share photos, videos and connected with them. So, email is the more preferred choice of people to discuss the new products and deals via mail.

Performance Tracking

No matter how creative, memorable or popular emails you send to your customers, every asset you create and share will ultimately be judged by the impact it makes on your business’ bottom line. With our unique email marketing strategies, you are able to track, analyze, and optimize your emails on a continual basis.

Increased ROI

All the mentioned advantages point towards better customer engagement. When you are able to communicate your promotions and offers with your customers and attracts them, you can be sure that you will raise your business/sales and get a good return on your investment.

Template Customization

Our email marketing agency also helps you build custom emails right from fonts and colors to the exact space between sections, so your emails look completely perfect. We provide custom email templates to our clients that suit the range of audiences they want to attract.

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